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Multidisciplinary View of the Religious, Spiritual and Esoteric Phenomena

This project highlights topics on science, major religions and beliefs systems: christianism, buddhism, occultism, gnosticism, theosophy, magick, esotericism, the paranormal, mysticism, wicca, paganism, philosophy.

Archaelogy in Africa, Asia, Australia, Americas and Europe
The scientific study of celestial objects and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere
Esotericism refers to the doctrines or practices of esoteric knowledge, or otherwise the quality or state of being described as esoteric, or obscure
Extreme trends around the world
Variety of health topics, including autism, cancer, diabetes, digestive system, epidemics, genetics, heart, inmune system, malaria, multiple sclerosis, muscle skeleton, mysterious diseases, obesity diet, respiratory system, stem cells, vision, etc.
Materials on languages around the world, linguistics and brain research
The precise science of Mathematics and people who stand behind it
Medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system
-New Religious Groups
Discover emerging religious groups
Paranormal phenomena, mysteries, skipticism, demons, ghosts, aliens, prophecies, frauds, etc.
Philosophy thinkers and their works
The science of physics and its influence on humanity
Psychology and psychiatry works, mysticism, psychoanalysis and therapy
-Secret Societies
Secret Societies is a myth... or not
Spiritual writing on channeling, new age, scientology, shamanism, UFO, spirituality, wicca, etc.
-World Religions
A broad coverage of major and minor world religions
Studies of the biology of animals
-Meta-Religion Directory
-Religiones Antiguas
-Religiones Del Mundo
-Sociedades Secretas
-Support Pages

Learning about tolerance from the animal world

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