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Articles Extinct | Zoology

-Awesome Beasts Roved Ancient Site
-Baby Mammoth Discovery Unveiled
-Blue Whale Ancestor Was No Gentle Giant
-Bone-Crushing Wolves Once Roamed Alaska
-Bones Of Unknown Animal Unearthed
-Bones Of Unknown Animal Unearthed
-Dinosaurs Breathed Like Penguins
-Ancient Camel Bones Found In Arizona
-Cave An Ice Age Time Capsule
-Caverns Give Up Huge Fossil Haul
-Comet May Have Doomed Mammoths
-Did 'nessie' Roam Down Under?
-Dinos, Sharks Were Predators And Prey
-Dino Skin Impression Found In Japan
-Dinosaurs 'lived For 300,000 Years After Mexican Meteor Strike'
-150 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Unearthed In Argentina
-Dinosaurs, Early Relatives Coexisted
-Turns Out Some Dinosaurs Could Swim
-Dinosaur Den Diggers Discovered
-Science Makes Dna Breakthrough In The Tooth Of A Mastodon
-Ancient Dna Traces The Woolly Mammoth's Disappearance
-Dino Bones Reveal Dna Surprise
-Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had Big Bite
-Greatest Mass Extinction Gave Oceans A Face Lift
-Flying Dinos Had Bi-Plane Design
-Hidden Fossil, Flying Dragon
-Fossil Embryos Show Early Life
-Fossil Frogs Yield 'soft Tissues'
-Dinosaur Fossil Spills Its Guts, Out Come Worms
-Frog In Amber Could Be 25 Million Years Old
-Frozen Sperm Revive Jurassic Park Dreams
-Germs Found Trapped In Amber Lived With First Dinosaurs
-'giant Dino' Found In Argentina
-Greek Mastodon Find 'spectacular'
-Climate Change Killed Australia Pre-Historic Animals
-Geologists Provide New Evidence For Reason Behind Rise Of Life In Cambrian Period
-Meteorite Yields Life Origin Clue
-Mammal Rise 'not Linked' To Dinos
-Mammoth Hair Produces Dna Bounty
-Mastodons Still Living In 1893
-Tuberculosis Helped Bring Down Mastodons
-Did Mega-Volcanoes Kill The Dinosaurs?
-Photos Show Mystery Skeleton Sticking Out Of Iceberg Off N.L. East Coast
-Monster Cane Toad Found
-More Than A Meteor Likely Killed Dinosaurs 65 Million Years Ago
-Fossil Is New Family Of Dinosaur
-Oldest Identifiable Footprints Found
-Orchids Date To Time Of The Dinos
-Oxygen Fluctuations On Earth Ensured Only Dinosaurs Survival: Study
-Giant Panda Ancestor Not So Giant
-Prehistoric Whale Skeleton Found In Tuscany
-River Reveals 'jurassic Dragon'
-Fossil Sea Spiders Thrill Experts
-Shark-Eating Dino Fossil Found In Utah
-Single Massive Asteroid Wiped Out Dinosaurs
-Dinosaurs' Slow Rise To Dominance
-T. Rex Was 'slow-Turning Plodder'
-Two-Headed Reptile Fossil Found
-Sabretooth's Surprising Weak Bite

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