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Abnormal psychology ( - Psychiatry site.

C. G. Jung - Life and Work ( - information about life and work of C.G. Jung.

Dynamical Psychology ( - An International, Interdisciplinary Journal of Complex Mental Processes

Healthy Genius ( Mental health site ( - Research and products of "audio-guidance" technology

Internet Guided Learning ( - Online courses on the mental health internet and spirituality. Contains a complete course on DSM-IV Religious and spiritual problems.

David L. Miller (

Il filo di atopon ( - Web site of Mythos Association. Psychiatry in Italian.

James Hillman (

National Institute of Mental Health ( - "The mission of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is to diminish the burden of mental illness through research. This public health mandate demands that we harness powerful scientific tools to achieve better understanding, treatment and, eventually prevention of mental illness."

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Home Page ( ( - "Un lugar de encuentro, debate, estudio y actividades en castellano para todos los interesados en la psicologia junguiana, el psicoanalisis, la psicologia transpersonal y temas afines"

Personality theories ( - Psychological theories site (bilingual).

Plexus ( - Directory of psychiatry articles

Psiq Info ( - Portal de más de 1000 páginas sobre Psiquiatría y Psicología

Psych-Net (

Psych Web by Russ Dewey (

Psychoanalysis - Techniques and Practice ( - Psychoanalysis resources

Psyche Matters ( - online papers, psychoanalytic bibliographies.

Psycsearch ( - Psychology Search engine that allows users to search all information related to Psychology. Contains articles related to psychology. Offers free counselling advice and has a discussion forum where users can talk on various topics.

Richard Corelli Site ( - Psychiatry site.

Sigmund Freud - Life and Work (