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World Religions (126)
Buddhism (35)
Christianity (89)
Hinduism (20)
Islam (15)
Judaism (12)
Taoism (8)



A comparative analysis of the major world religions from a christian perspective ( Site dedicated to prove that world religions are complementary and equally true.

Academic Info Religion Gateway ( - A comprehensive collection of links to world religions sites.

The Academic Study of Miracles and Magic ( - Morgan Luck's collection of resources for studying miracles and magic. Includes a bibliography, links to online papers and other researchers' sites, a list of relevant journals, a discussion forum, and Luck's professional details. ( - Database of thousands of statistics -- membership and size of all religious groups.

American Religion Data Archive ( - Links to journals, directories and religion resources.

Apologetic index ( - Provides research resources on religious cults, sects, new religious movements, alternative religions, apologetics, anticult, and countercult organizations, doctrines, religious practices and world views.

Anti-defamation league ( - Religious tolerance and hate groups watch site

Art of Living Foundation ( - site dedicated to promote values and peace of mind in different cultures and religions. ( - Diccionario de términos religiosos (+ de 300 téminos) A-Z

Beliefnet ( - Interfaith site with many resources to world religions.

Bibliothèques de l'UQAM Ressources par discipline ( - several links to sites on religion.

Boston University ( - Library - Some religious resources.

Center for Religious Freedom ( - Site objective is to defend against religious persecution of all groups throughout the world.

Church of All Worlds ( - Official site.

Church of Religious Freedom ( Religious resources and links

The churches ( - Conceptions of God according to different religions.

Comparative religion ( - A general non-commerical site for comparative religion studies.

Conflict and Religion ( - "This website deals with conflicts in which religions plays an important role." News and discussion site.

The Connection Religion archive ( - Some religion articles. ( - Religion links.

Correspondences Between Jewish Mysticism and Indian Philosophies (

Global PeaceWorks ( - "Creating models of peace among religions through short-term international, interfaith, volunteer service projects."

David Wiley - Religion ( - Sacred books. Major religions texts including: The Bible, Christian Fathers, Corpus Hermeticum, Dead Sea Scrolls, Divrei Torah, Enuma Elish, The Egyptian and Tibetan Book of the Dead, Nag Hammadi Texts, Old Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, Pistis Sophia, New Testament Apocryphal, Sepher Yetzirah, Urantia Book.
Divine Digest ( - Detailed description of major religions.

Divining America ( - Essays on many religions of America. ( - Multifaith site. The building of a global community: Ecology, Economics, Ethics, and Religion.

E.din, Land of Righteousness ( - A search into our biblical past, seeing where those writings originated, seeing our future.

Elba site ( - World religions, ancient religions and myths.

English Literature and Religion ( - Some resources and links.

Facets of religion ( - 40+ links to sites on religion.

FACTNet ( - Archives, hyperlinks and help regarding Cults, Sects, Human Rights Abuses, Brainwashing and Mind Control. Support groups and assistance. ( - spiritual resources, over 15,000 links to other spiritual sites, daily affirmations and polls, over 175 discussion boards, over 900 articles, video clips, audio clips, featured books and sacred texts and prayers. Special areas on love, relationships, mourning, women, teen, families and getting help. There is a national house of worship registry and database. Information on all holidays and rituals. ( - 140+ links to sites on religion.

First Church of reincarnation ( - A church based on reincarnation and the workings of karma.

The Forum of Religion and Ecology ( - Some articles on religion.

Freedom From Religion Foundation ( - The site´s goal is to keep state and church separate and to educate the public about the views of nontheists.

The Gospel of Thomas ( - Elucidation of the Secret Words

Hartford Institute for religion research (

History, Culture, Religion ( - World history portals, jewish history, occultism & hermetism and ancient orient links.

History of religions ( - Description of some religions. Still in construction.

Iglesia Catolica Anglicana de Mexico ( ( - Description of religions in India

Indian Religions ( - Article and links. ( religious tolerance promoting site.

International Interfaith Centre ( - site dedicated to promote interreligious understanding and cooperation

Internet Guided Learning ( - Library of religion and spirituality. Links to many religious and spiritual sites. Articles on spiritual experiences.

Internet Journal of Religion (

The Internet Sacred Text Archive ( - Sacred Texts site. African, alchemy, australian, baha'i, buddhism, christianity, confucianism, egyptian, esoteric, occult, fortean, gothic, greek, grimoires, hinduism, islam, jainism, judaism, native american, paganism, wicca, shamanism, shinto, sikhism, tantra, taoism, tarot, thelema and zoroastrianism texts. Some of the texts only available in CD.

Institute on Religion in an age of Science (

Japan Omnibus - Other religions ( - Description of some japanese religions.

Journal of Law of Religion ( - The Journal of Law and Religion is an international, interdisciplinary forum committed to studying law in its social context, including moral and religious views of law and life.

The Journal of Religion (

The Journal of Religion and Film (

The Journal of Southern Religion ( - devoted to the study of religion in the American South.

Journal of Religion and Society ( - The journal promotes the study of all religious groups and beliefs among the various peoples of the world, past and present.

Lane Community College World religions study site ( - site provides access to resources on the internet on the religions of the world. It contains a large collection of links.

Laurentian University ( - Religious studies links.

Marburg Journal of Religion ( - It contains articles devoted to the study of religions and issues which arise.

The Material History of Religion Project ( - "studied the history of American religion in all its complexity by focusing on material objects and economic themes." ( - Resources for major religions and promote interfaith cooperation and understanding.

Mysticism in world religions ( - This site explores the mystical traditions of six religions by comparing and contrasting quotations drawn from their respective literatures.

Paths ( - links to many sites on religion.

Peter Ochiogrosso ( - World religions, sects and religious news.

The Pew forum on religion and public life ( - seeks to promote a deeper understanding of how religion shapes the ideas and institutions of American society.

Philosophy in the World's Religions ( - Links to sites on religion

Philosophy and Religion ( - Edited by Richard T. Nolan, Ph.D.Member, American Philosophical Association and American Academy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion ( - Resources and links.

Places of Peace and Power ( - The sacred places of the world.

Ouroboros Incorporated ( - Ouroboros Incorporated, discussion group about philosophy and religion.

Overview Of World Religions ( - Timelines and graphics of several religions.

Peaceseeds - ( honors the various sacred teachings of traditions around the world. The site is divided into subjects, where one can read comparative texts from major traditions. Hopefully by finding the common ground that all Spiritual people relate to, we can mature as a society and find religious war and prejudice a thing of the past. ( - Some religion resources.

Religiones del mundo ( - Breve descripción de las principales religiones del mundo.

Religion and Philosophy ( - Personal site with several essays on religion and philosophy.

Religion depot ( - World religion site with some links and articles.

Religion Facts ( - World religions articles, description and resources

The Religious Archive ( - information on may religious paths.

Religions & Scriptures ( - Links to sites containing sacred texts of many religions

Religious History ( - A brief history of many religions and denominations.

The Religious Movement page ( - Detailed description of major religions and large collection of religious groups and movements. Contains links and articles on cult controversies.

Religious related websites ( - links to some multi-faith sites.

Religious Studies Internet Links ( - Religious links. ( - "At you can discuss, compare, and debate religions or you can just chat about everyday topics"

Religion and Ethics - BBC ( Some religion resources.

Religion and Ethics, Newsweekly ( - News on religion.

Religion and Religious Studies ( - Some links and articles.

Religion and the founding of the american republic ( - Article.

Religion in the News ( - Some articles and resources.

Religion News Links (

Religion news service (

Religion Religions Religious Studies ( - A large collection of links to world religion sites.

Religion Resources on the Web ( - Iowa State University

Religion, Society and Culture ( - Some articles in some denominations and religions.

Religion studies at the Universty of Virginia (

Religion/Theology: Internet Resources ( - Resources from the Wilfrid Laurier University.

Religions of the world ( - Links to some religion sites.

Religion on the Web ( - Some links to many world religions sites. ( - 4,500 articles and chapters. Topics include Old and New Testament, Theology, Ethics, History and Sociology of Religion ( - 120+ links to sites on religion  ( - Detailed description of major religions. Articles on cult controversies, debates and religious issues.

The Religions of India ( - A web directory of religion and spirituality in India, includes introductions to Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and other religions of India.

Religious and Spiritual Discussion ( - Discussion of world-wide faiths and religions in hopes to promote religious and spiritual tolerance.

Russia - Religion ( - Some articles on russian religion.

Sarlo's Guru Rating Service ( - Provides a "rating" of several gurus around the world.

Science Direct - Religion ( - Papers and articles.

The Sisters of Embracement ( - "Our mission is to bring together in harmony those faiths that have a belief in An All-Enlightened Being/God." Religious tolerance site.

The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion ( - Research on religious institutions and experiences.

Summaries of World Religions ( - Brief description of some world religions.

Timeline of World Religions - Eastern (

Timeline of World Religions - Western (

The world factbook 2002 ( - Description of the religious distribution of many countries of the world.
The Reluctant Messenger ( - Science and religion site.

Tradiciones religiosas en Asia ( - Artículos sobre las religiones en Asia. Todos son artículos originales.
Category = Religiones del Mundo

Theological Internet Resources ( - Bible study, church history and theology.

Virtual religion index ( - Resources and links to many world religions.

Voice of the Shuttle ( - Religious sites links.

Wabash Center ( - Large collection of religion and theology links.

The Wars of Religion, Part I ( - History of european war on religion. ( - Religions of the world and essays.

World Civilizations - Washington State Univeristy ( - Virtual Museum.

World Conference on Religion and Peace ( - international coalition of representatives from the world's great religions who are dedicated to achieving peace.

World Religions ( - Large collection of links to many world religions

World religions ( - Description of some religious paths and denominations.

The World's Religions ( - "A guiding star to the truths of the religions of the world and the coming new world religion."

World Religions and 101 Cults, Sects, Denominations ( - description of major religions and many cults from a christian point of view.

World religions in Boston ( - Some links to some sites on religion.

World religion resources ( - 120+ links to sites on religion.

World religion resources ( - Some links to world religious resources.

The world religions and their scriptures ( - A description of several world religions and their scriptures.

World religions, beliefs, history, art and culture ( - A large collection of links to sites on religion.

World religions on the Web ( - 20+ links to sites on religion

The World's Major Religions and Belief Systems ( - A brief description of some world religions.

The World of Religions ( - Some links to some world religions.

WorldWide Religious News (