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Akhasic dreams (

Akashic Record Consultants ( - Akashic Record Consultants International is a registered non-profit org dedicated to supporting teachers and students of the Akashic Records.

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Healing - Table of Contents (

Anathema occult books ( - Occult books shop.

Assemble of the knowledge adn wisdom of solomon ( Metaphysical spirituality with an eclectic twist. Based in the tradition of occult secret societies, but upholding Scientific Illuminism, this site is oreganized by The Assembly of the Knowledge & Wisdom of Solomon (founded 1986) and the

Astral healer ( "Astral Healer is a site that is designed to help those with spiritual problems." ( Astrology and numerology articles, description and history.

Avatarsearch ( - Occult and esoteric search engine and directory.

Canadian Theosophical Association ( - Promoting the knowledge of the ancient wisdom - whatever the source

Coven of the Damned ( - Just a website that is full of all things alternative, meaning the esoteric, spiritual, mythological, metaphysical.

DELPHOS Foundation ( - A multidisciplinary group studies and investigates on the spot the main misteries of the Patagonian regions. This includes The Holy Grail and the Templars and his presence in the precolumbus times in South America. Members and rites of the Knights of the Holy Grail

Delusion of Grandeur ( - Demonology and esoteric articles.

Elba's Well of Information on Gnosticism. Mysticism, Secret Societies & The Occult (

Electronic Texts ( - Thelema electronic texts.

Esoterica ( - Esoteric and religion site. Includes apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, Nag Hammadi, Gnosticism, Ancient Sites, Legends,Myth, Prophesy, Magick, Wicca, Paganism,Shamanism, Druidry, Masonic Lodge, Templars, Rosicrucianism, Conspiracies, Philosophy and Historians.

The Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic ( - Magic and shamanism courses for all levels of magical practitioners

Esoteric Theological Seminary ( - Site ordaining ministers of several paths: Christian, Interfaith, Christian Goddess, shamanic and ancestral religions such as Celtic, Northern European and Native American.

Esoteric University ( - Esoteric sojourns, which are directed mental skills development and mental health

Forum On Astrology ( - Offers training based on th astrological methods of the 17ht century astrologer Morin de Villefrance as was taught by Zoltan Mason of New Yourk.

Frozen Frontier ( - Gnostic and Hermetic theologies, Jungian psychology, Nietzschean and Platonic philosophies, as well as literature, poems, and analysis of UK law and politics.

Maja Aum ( - Sitio esotérico.

The Gates of Horn ( - This is a site devoted to Eastern and Western Spirituality, the Occult, Magick, Kabbalah, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Alchemy and related subjects.

Grail Initiation and the Prophecies of Merlin ( - A correspondence between Grail Initiation and the Tree of Life examining the 22 Degrees in relation to Robert Kirk and the Riddle of 3, 4 and 6.

Hermetic Philosophy and the Mystery of Being ( - Mystical and hermetic essays and exercises on eastern and western philosophies to unfold absolute Consciousness and receive Primordial Wisdom.

IRCUP research ( - studies on sacred geometries.

The Irminsul ( - Runes site

Indotalisman ( - Shamanism, occultism, magickal powers, psychicism, ESP, genies, magickal pearls, psychic projection, astral travel, clairvoyance, telepathy, and magical empowerment rituals.

The Home of the Pagan Man ( - Kabbala, astrology, magick and paganism.

John Dee society (

Kepler the Mystic ( - A paper on hermetics and science in the sixteenth century, focusing on Johannes Kepler the cosmologist.

LEGACY IN STONE ( - Hand crafted archeology reproductions.Mystical religious and Goddess stone symbols with histories on reverse.Spiritual art from 20,000 years blends thealogy archaeology and mysticism.

Links, Resources and Other Sites ( - many religious and esoteric links.

Love Spells ( - Spells, astrology, voodoo dolls. Comercial site. ( - Un sitio sobre esoterismo y todo el mundo de la magia.

MartinMyst's HideOut ( - Links and articles on Tantra, Yoga, Taoism, Zen, Vedas, Astrology and UFOs.

Mystic Web ( - Mystic site. Articles, forum and chat.

Mystic Wraith ( - This site is designed to be a comprehensive store-house for all things kabalah (Semitic, Christian, and Hermetic). Complete with online texts, chatroom, discussion board, and software downloads.

Mystical, Magickal World of Gerina Dunwich ( - Web site of occult author and astrologer, Gerina Dunwich.

The Occult Archive ( - A large collection of esoteric and occult writings. Thelema, Golden Dawn, Alchemy, Mysticism and Chaos Magick.

Occult Haven ( - Occult site. Articles on magick, sorcery,demons, pagan deities and the tarot.

Occult World Ledger ( Occult and esoteric articles and resources. ( - Esoterics, occultism, Wicca and Witchcraft. Carlos Castaneda. Shamanism, magic, Alternative medecine and recepies. English and Bulgarian.

The Occultopedia ( - Occult Encyclopedia.

Pitonisas ( - Sitio esotérico en español.

Profound & Prickly ( - This is an esoteric site, the virtual home of activist and mystic, Linda Hinks.

Real Magick - The Occult Library ( - Occult library, articles and forum.

Reiki-soins ( - healing by reiki, informations about and meditations

Revista Biosofia ( - "Revista electrónica, editada por la Sociedad Biosófica trata de Esoterismo o Sabiduría Oculta. Filosofía Esotérica, Maestros, Sociedades Secretas, Religiones comparadas, teraoias alternativas, psicología y educación, astronomía o física."

ROSE+CROSS ONLINE ( - Lessons on Rosecross in Internet.

Russian Esoteric Academy of Happiness ( - "Our school offers the integrated knowledge that combines Slavic Esoteric traditions, practices of Siberian Shamans, ancient mysteries of Egypt, India and Tibet as well as the latest achievements of Western science’s study of Man. The Great Master and Russian Mystic Bogomudr Altai Kagan is the source of this unique knowledge."

Sacred wisdom (

Salto al infinito ( - "Adentrate en el mundo mistico de Salto al Infinito donde encontrara una puerta abierta a la sabiduria esoterica, con todo tipo de informacion sobre esoterismo y fenomenos paranormales. " ( - study of nature´s geometry.

The Sadducee Printouts ( - Esoteric texts.

Seeds of Heaven ( - " A site which explores the fall of Atlantis, Chakras, Yugas, the Akashic Records, Interventionist Theory, and social, spiritual, and scientific themes. Built around the book Seeds of Heaven"

The Seven Rays Today ( - Non-commercial UK site explains how the Seven Rays relate to both the Devic and Human evolutions through astrology and magic, and seeks to attract and inspire those on any spiritual path.

SordidPlan ( - News, Discussion, and Resources for those interested in researching ancient civilizations.

Soul Symbols ( - "Your soul symbol is your personal sacred geometry. It is encoded with your blueprint information which triggers and activates the DNA"

Spiritual Guidance Tarot ( - focuses on the Tarot as a tool for spiritual guidance and personal transformation. Features many free resources: readings, meditations, forums, library and spiritual sanctuary. ( - Large encyclopedia of world symbols.

Taroscopes ( - Magick and esoteric site. Excellent link section.

Temple of the Dark Moon ( - Magick, Wicca, Wytchcraft from a Southern Hemispheric perspective, as well as other occult information.

Twilit Grotto ( - Archives of western esoterica

Urania Scenia & Itipcap ( - Lo paranormal, esoterismo y espiritualidad.

Willow's A Faerie ( - Occult information and articles.

Yellow Windows ( - A New Esoteric Website

Yosoyinfinito ( - "Encuentre en este sitio la revelacion mas trascendental para la humanidad y descarga gratis el libro digital yosoyinfinito te garantizo que tu vida cambiara"