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A New Consciousness Bible ( - spiritual channeled non-fiction book with a Q&A interview/journal format.

Blue Star The Pleiadian-Blue Star Speaks ( - "Quarterly transmissions (channeled) from Blue Star." Spirituality subjects.

Cassiopaea ( - Site byl Laura Knight, ufos and channeling.

Four Principles: Channeling website for Omni-Emmanuel ( - Channeling website for Omni-Emmanuel, newsletter, book excerpts.

Jody's ET Phone (

Lyssa Royal (

The Nibiruan Council ( Site by Jelaila Star, about channeling.

Operation Terra ( - Channeling site from Sara Lyara Estes. It has a forum some articles, tapes and books.

The Original Zerubian Enlightenment (

Rise Like A Phoenix Channeling (

Royal Priest Research (

Seth speaks ( - Channeling site.

The Sirian Revelations ( - "Site of author/scribe Patricia Cori, messenger of the Sirian High Council, sixth dimensional light beings assisting earth in her transition as the entire solar system prepares for ascension."

Spirit-Truths ( - Teachings of Andromedan Light Beings, about astro physics, current events,humanity, origins of man.

Star Knowledge ( - Site by Hehaka Inazin, about channeling and amerindian subjects

Teaching Mission Archives ( - Archive of transcripts of the celestial teacher lessons presented to groups from 1991 to present. The Teaching Mission is a world-wide spirit-directed activity involving students in learning the rudiments of cosmic citizenship and the skills to compliment the work of the Correcting Time. (

Universal Temple Of Anu (Anuism) ( - Anuism: Channeled teachings of Ancient Mesopotamian Over-God, "Anu". This teaching emphasizes a personal relationship with God as the measure of righteousness, rather than one's moral or social standing in human society, and the creation of personal heavens (aeons) through imagination and faith.