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Angels among us (http://www.geocities.com/angelusmysterium777/angelgate.html) - "An enlightening and intimate exploration of the angelic realm interacting with humanity."


Eye journey & feng shui (http://www.esotericphotography.com/index.asp) - "esoteric photography, journey of a spirit through time, feng shui posters, spirits of the amazonn"

Mystic seed: echoes of the sages (http://www.zalivanda.com/id3.html) - "poetry that expresses 20th century sage paradigms-initial catalyst poet's book."

Ralph Maingrette (http://www.tigusart.com/) - spiritual creative voodoo art by artist painter and graphic designer ralph maingrette

Soldans Spiritual Gallery (http://www.soldans.com/) - The unfolding of the Soul ~ In Poetry and Paint

Visionary Art Work of Joseph Inverso (http://www.visionaryartwork.com/)- "Visionary Art is a form of Surrealism which contains two unique paradigms of reality represented naturalistically, and it contains an uplifting message or spiritual content."


Cernonnos2 (http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/cernonnos2/) - Druidry Magick and celtic site.

Society of Celtic Shamans (http://www.faeryshaman.org/) - Articles, resources and community.


Armonizando Rosario Portal de Terapias Alternativas (http://www.armonizandorosario.com.ar/)


Mystical Meditation Mandalas (http://www.freewebs.com/mystijul/) - "Mystcial mandalas for meditation that positively glow with positive energy! "

Mathematics and spirituality

Universal Harmonics (http://universalharmonics.homestead.com/files/index.htm) - Numbers as symbols of Consciousness; the single field of Consciousness, All Being One.


Nancy Orlen Weber (http://www.nancyorlenweber.com/) - Personal site of Psychic Nancy Orlen.

Sylvia Browne (http://www.sylvia.org/home/index.cfm) - Psychic site.


The Reiki page (http://www.aetw.org/reiki.html)- resource site for Reiki. Indepth articles on the History, Techniques, Symbols, etc. Translations of early Reiki documents, rare photos of early practitioners & much, much more...


Yoga Online (http://yoga.org.nz/) - Information on Yoga Health and wellbeing.

Yoga Project Limited (http://www.yogaproject.co.uk/home.htm) - Yoga Project Limited is a new, U.K. based organisation for yoga students.


OrgasmissimO Dieu informe (http://orgasmissimodieuinforme.org/) - "A model of our Being and Univers where OrgasmissimO is the Eternal Being Energy God that Manifest Oneself in a Variety of Others Oneself that we are, each One unic, in order that with our relations of Love we create and enjoy a variety of Pleasurs of Orgasmic Love"