Awakening the Mentor

By Anna Hayes
From The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System, @ 2000, A. Hayes
Keylontic Science Digest # 573

Jan. 21, 2002

1. Place the fingertips of both hands and the focus of your attention at the Navel. Take a few slow, full breaths then visualize the image of a Blue Flame (like a gas stove flame) deep inside the body behind the Navel. Gently massage the Navel region while envisioning the Blue Flame.

2. Stop massage and visualize a Sphere of White Light within the Blue Flame behind the Navel. Place your attention within the White Sphere and imagine that you can feel its reality around you, as if you are sitting within the White Light Sphere.

3. Breath gently and visualize the White Light Spere moving upward through the center of your body until it reaches the center of the brain at the Pineal Gland. Stop movement of White Light Sphere at the Pineal Gland, then visualize the White Light Sphere moving to the RIGHT in a straight, horizontal line OUTSIDE OF THE BODY until it is positioned in your auric field just above the RIGHT SHOULDER. The White Light Sphere positioned over the Right Shoulder now represents a portion of your awareness that was raised to the 5th-Dimensional frequencies via its passage through the Blue Flame and the 5th Kathara Center at the Navel. You will name this part of your higher identity MENTOR.

4. Image that you can feel the reality of the White Light Sphere that holds your MENTOR resting gently above your Right Shoulder as a "fuzzy ball of energy". MENTOR serves as the meeting point between your waking conscious mind and the 5th-Dimensional portion of your Soul Matrix Identity- the Archetype. With praactice, you can lean the energy of your waking awareness from its position within your head, over to the right and into the Mentor Sphere, to receive direct cognition, audio and visual guidance from your 5th-Dimensional Identity Station. In Healing Facilitation MENTOR will communicate with the 5th-Dimensional Archetype aspect of your Client's Soul Matrix, asking how you may best serve the Client's Highest Evolution; guidance MENTOR receives will be translated to you from MENTOR in the form of Intuitive urge, spontaneous cognition or audio-visual directions. MENTOR will also serve as a translator of information from your higher dimensional Stations of Identity to your conscious mind. MENTOR can also be taken into the Dream State with you to assist in Dream Recall and initiating Out-of-Body travel.

5. Practice creating and sensing the Mentor Sphere over your Right Shoulder. Carry it around with you wherever you go, and play with moving the focus of your consciousness back and forth between the inside of your head and MENTOR. Try perceiving from both focuses of attention simultaneously. Such play will help stimulate neurological sensitivities to translating and perceiving information from the 5th and higher dimensional Stations of Awareness.