Shamanic Healing


When a person is ill or 'dis-eased', it is the shamans belief that the person has lost a soul part or power animal, or may have an unwanted power intrusion.

Soul Retrieval

This is a healing method the shaman performs when there has been evidence of soul loss in a person. Soul loss can happen through trauma, grief, bereavement, and shock and very often the way we speak is evident of this. "I haven't been myself since ... Part of me left the time ... She stole my soul."

Memory loss or depression may also be a clue for the shaman. It is the shamans job to search with his spirit helpers for the lost soul part and bring it back to the person. A soul part may be found 'stuck' in another reality or at the place where the trauma happened. The spirits may at this time suggest a ritual to welcome the soul part back or suggest further shamanic work or alternative appropriate help.

The person works with the shaman to become well and whole again and is encouraged by the shaman to take responsibility for his physical and mental well being.


The shaman sees this as misplaced energy or power loss in a person. Working closely with his spirit helpers the shaman can extract this disease and replace it with retrieved power and healing. Illness cannot intrude when a person is empowered and in harmony.


Working with death and dying is one of the roles the indigenous shaman embraces as part of his circle of life. He helps people prepare for this transition and may also be called upon to assist with the safe journey of the soul across to the spirit world. The shaman can also assist lost souls or souls that are still 'stuck' in our reality through causes of unnatural death or attachment to persons still living.