The Third Avatar. Part 3

written by Robert E. Wilkinson <>

Because of her profound knowledge of the significance of ancient cosmological structures, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet is considered one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of sacred architecture. In this field she has made use of a contemporary plan of a Temple and has applied its cosmological principles to present what, from ancient times, has been known as a model of the universe. Egypt, Greece, Pre-Colombian America and India have built cosmological temples, a microcosmic space which can, with the correct knowledge of the laws of correspondence and equivalency, provide seekers of truth with the key to the harmonies of the cosmos, applicable to the evolution of consciousness of the species on this planet. But unlike what was done in Egypt, this contemporary temple - model of the universe - deals mainly with time and processes of energy transformation utilizing time as the agent for this accomplishment. Her book, The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2 goes deeply into defining this temple plan as a womb of knowledge from which it is possible to receive the most essential information about the earth's journey into the future. It records the descent of the Supramental Consciousness and the fundamental elements of the evolutionary shift now taking place on our planet. In a treatise on sacred architecture Ms. Norelli-Bachelet explains the origins of this contemporary temple design:

'Temples when they are seen and accurately translated carry with them a formidable power of transformation because they are the symbols indicating a readiness of the birth of a new world. They resonate with the evolutionary being of the planet, and rectify an exact record of the earth's history in terms of its spiritual destiny as it unfolds in time. In such a seeing the transcription of the laws and principles governing a higher plane can only be carried out by a seer of an extraordinary order. Such was the Divine Mother of the Pondicherry ashram. Her seeing resulted in a vision of the highest order of sacred architecture that has yet been revealed. The key to Time is contained in the inner room, and the secret formula is given in its measurements. It comes from a plane of truth and reflects an entire system of knowledge whose major characteristic is unity. No one measurement or element can be isolated from the others because the entire structure is an integral perfection.'

She goes on to discuss the salient features of temple architecture and how its cosmic meaning translates widely into art, music and dance.

'I doubt that it is possible to find an architectural form which reproduces in stone with such exactitude the deepest essence of a philosophy as we find in the Hindu Temple. Every aspect of the structure illumines the profoundest contents of the Veda. Insofar as the axis is the most important feature of the structure, along with and correlated to its alignment, I shall discuss this aspect of Vedic sacred architecture in depth. In so doing the purpose will be to highlight the precise manner in which these paramount features of the art have been carried over into our times. This transposition involves not only the Mother's vision of a contemporary version of the ancient Seeing in precisely the plan of a temple, but also a certain mythological content with its equally exact symbolism. For the two go hand in hand in the true Act of Seeing.

The main focus is on the central axis of the temple and around that 'churning stick' the mountain takes shape. The Hindu temple is thus a most exact description of one of the most important of all Puranic myths, the tale of the Churning of the Primordial Ocean. Each Hindu temple, constructed anew today or standing in our midst from antiquity, reproduces this tale...

Thus that axis is the pivot of Mount Meru, the churning stick with the serpent Vasuki wrapped around and tugged at by the Asuras and the Devas, the titans and the gods. Again, this appears to be a simple tale, primitive and quaint. Yet I am obliged to state that it contains the highest content of cosmological knowledge of our Age. And furthermore, that it is practical and applicable. On the basis of a comprehension of its multiple meanings we can discover our true purpose as a civilisation founded on a Vedic content, and the role India must play in this and the next millennium.

But this axis is not reserved for temples solely. We find the same content in all the ancient art forms of the subcontinent which are still practised today. It is found preeminently, so easily recognisable, in Music where the drone [the monotone underlying the raga] is the axis, or the silent Sound out of which all sound arises and sustains itself. The drone is the churning stick, the immobile Centre which supports the action and movement of the raga, which permits a controlled expression to evolve...

...this [image of the axis] was carried into all the other major art forms. In iconography it is especially evident, but no less in dance. Bharatnatyam, for instance, is entirely based on this fact: the function of axial alignment.

S.V. Rajee Ranian has mentioned this in an article on the subject of Indian dance in the 14.2.1993 Sunday Mail

'Indian dance seeks to depict the perfect point or moment of balance along the vertical medium (brahmasutra), so much so that all movements emerge from and return to the sama or point of perfect balance akin to the samabhanga of sculpture. Indian dance concerns itself with movements of the human form in direct relation to the pull of gravity. No one has dared challenge or change this.'

Clearly, given the fact that it is the same Mount Meru the dancer is called upon to reconstruct, and that this is the essential message of the Veda, it is obvious that to be faithful to this singular cosmic content the dancer must respect this feature and indeed it cannot be changed.'

'Culture and Cosmos-3', The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 8/1, April 1993, Patrizia Norelli- Bachelet

In light of its universal application Ms.Norelli- Bachelet's work cannot be classified as just another partial teaching or philosophy so characteristic of New Age Spirituality. It is an integral knowledge which truly unveils 'a greater face of truth'. Her teachings are grounded in objective experience and founded on the principles of the very cosmos which we inhabit.

The most comprehensive account of her vision for the future is contained in the epilogue of her major text, The New Way. Using the timeless symbols of 'city' and 'temple,' Ms. Norelli-Bachelet articulates an emerging renaissance in human consciousness founded on the principles of a new seeing.

The New Way

Epilogue: the Fourfold Victory

The New Way of Being ...

is the foundation of Truth that must be the all-embracing, fundamental realisation of the new collectivity. The initiate will be able to perceive the inner being of each person, of each principle, of each created thing, and know the place that these hold in the vast, the wide Totality. He will not impose a false dharma on another but rather he will allow the inner light to shine forth, and his world will consist of an infinitude of stars, each adding its own light to the firmament of the new world, each occupying the correct place that corresponds to it by the true inner law of things. All aspects of community life will thus reveal their true purpose and function, and no shadows will obscure their core-flame; no aspect will be neglected and in the new society a sense of fullness will prevail, for the members will be conscious of the Divine Mother's multiple creation and that the new city-consciousness is a means for expressing the truthful and real nature of her Multiplicity. The new way of Being will thus reveal the simultaneity of a harmonized One and Many state of consciousness, for each member, in realising his or her individual soul, participates in this way in the realisation of the collective soul. This collective experience can only come into being if the individual members are allowed a freedom of expression and offered the conditions in which they may discover their true being. And in this very realisation the collective soul arises in a spontaneous and effortless growth. No member or aspect of the new society's life will be subject to an imposition from without: all things must follow the true harmony of life, which is a growth from within, an out-flowering from the seed-core.

This is Truth of Being, and this is the sense in the concept of a shadowless world. It is not a world devoid of contrasts, of Dark and Light. It is a world in which all elements are harmonised and in perfect balance, where each thing finds its correct place and does not cast shadows on the light of others. In such a world there is no sense of inferiority, no cause for resentment, for envy, for jealousy, because each member knows that he lives in perfect attunement with the divine Will and has found the correct orbit of his inner sun, adding to the glory of the Supreme and contributing to the revelation of Her universal Truth.

In the new community Truth of Being will result in a just hierarchy, a natural Organisation of the work in which there shall be no antagonism, and the presence, constant and effortless, of a true sense of equality. This equality will be based on the realisation that the Divine Mother's total creation cannot come into being unless each member of the new community has realised the truth of his inner worth and has understood that his participation, on the basis of a free and joyous surrender, is one of the main pillars of the new world. In the gnostic community the truth of the ancient caste system will be revealed, as will be the truth of many aspects of life that were once based on high and real principles, having their foundation in the truth of the cosmos, but which, with the flow of Time, have suffered an unavoidable distortion and corruption. These great truths of the divine universal existence the gnostic society must reveal, the shadows that have enveloped these ancient lights the new community must dissolve; and the world must be shown a new way of Being that is based on an eternal Truth.

Yet Truth of Being is not a static quality. Its main characteristic is a constant growth, a continual revelation of a deep-seated Perfection, and the member of the new society is the Eternal Youth, ever young because ever involved in the experience of growth and perpetual renewal...

... the New Way of Oneness

is the foundation of a new seeing upon which the gnostic world arises. Outcome of a new light in the Mind, the vision of oneness is a seeing beyond dualities and the member of the new society, equipped with this higher faculty, ever perceives the unity that underlies the whole of creation. The transformed being is no longer a prisoner of limited perception and his or her world does not nourish itself on a half light or a shadow of reality. In the gnostic community the Dark and the Light will find their place in a higher scheme and the harmony of their interplay will carry the Earth to the experience of a new consciousness.

In the new creation perception is never separative, never the outcome of an ego-centred vision; the key to its existence is a seeing of relationships, by which means the thread of a divine Oneness is ever woven through the fabric of the new society's consciousness. On this basis a world of gnosis arises, whose actions are sure and faultless because they are the outcome of a genuine knowing of the inner truth of things. Blind faith, once a helper along the way, is replaced by the certainty Knowledge brings and in the process many errors are eliminated which were present because of the imperfections inherent in an unseeing faith.

For the new society the whole of creation is the Divine and is perceived as the oneness of Her being, thus every part of life is seen in both the true light of itself and the truth of its relation and place within the Whole. In consequence the activities of the new society are rich and varied, for in his life the member seeks to give expression to the multiple being of the Mother, but ever on the foundation of the experience of Oneness. He or she sees the Mother in all creatures, in all of creation; he sees that nothing is his own, that all comes to him from Her, his sorrows no less than his joys, his restrictions no less than his abundances. But he knows with an unfailing vision that the new world's destiny is free of limitation and penury, thus any hardship and restraint are only a preparation for the rise of tomorrow's sun.

The gnostic being sees the Earth as one. He has risen above any perverted distinction in consciousness, any corroded differentiation of caste or creed or colour of skin. Yet he knows as well the worth of such distinctions and the role they play in life upon Earth. Many are the notes that must be sounded in the symphony of life; but these notes are not for the purpose of discord and division. Rather, they exist in order to shape the supreme Harmony, and when the true Harmony is perceived in its totality, then the equality of all the notes is revealed, then only can we say: all men are equal, all are children of the Divine Mother. The incomplete vision results in an accentuation of differences, the result of which in a society is the rise of an incomplete culture and political system, and degenerates into the formation of castes or classes which survive on the basis of antagonism and not complementation. To avert this trend a classless society is brought into being, which, however, fails to express the full body of the Divine Mother. Yet this is a first step along the new way, and only a first step. The new community will show the Earth societies the way to a true division of communal life, based on the integral seeing and the lived experience of Oneness. In this new world classes come into being in a spontaneous outflowering, each one contributing his inner light to the total creation in full awareness of his true destiny and place within the whole. The new being reaches this state by a perfect attunement with the Supreme Will. Ever and always he or she is conscious of the divine Power inhabiting the vessel and all actions are known to be the result of that supreme force. The member of the new society lives in a state of sincere and luminous humility. When the realisation of Oneness is complete, he knows that alone nothing is done, that all of Creation and created beings are ever in a state of Oneness, that there has never been any separation, and that it was only his blindness, the outcome of a divided consciousness, that gave him the illusion of independent action and a perverted sense of freedom. The gnostic being is free, in the Supreme, when his will is one with the Divine's. It is through this realisation of Oneness that he becomes an instrument for the expression of the Supreme's Freedom. Through this identification, and this alone, the true spontaneity comes into being and each new dawn is a happy surprise in the life of the new society. The realisation of Oneness on behalf of the members allows the Divine Freedom and its consequent Spontaneity to manifest, and the individual then enters a felicitous relationship with God and an intimacy springs up between Creator and Created in which the latter is shown the secrets of nature and universal being and the truths of the ultimate Reality by a direct insight and experience. Each member has a personal relationship with the Divine Mother, yet this individual oneness, if it is true, does not conflict with the realisation of oneness of the collectivity as a whole, for in realising the inner Divine the member is shown through the point a perspective of the Whole and the Circle of God is completed before his eyes when in the point the totality is perceived.

Indeed, each Point contains the total Circle, and the circumference of the new society is built up of these innumerable points, luminous suns that cast no shadows because they have found their correct position in God's Time and Space. Discovering the core of his inner Sun, the individual allows the Divine Grace to flow through him and the entire community life is sustained by this heavenly essence.

Oneness is the foundation of Light that illumines the path of the member of the new city-consciousness. It is the power of a new seeing which eliminates all ignorance and falsehood and establishes a consciousness that knows by direct experience of the Truth, that sees by direct perception what to the ordinary vision is still closed by the veils cast up from a divided being, that penetrates into the depths of created things and fathoms the divine Laws and Rhythms upholding all aspects of life. The initiate, in discovering the truth of himself uncovers at the same time the truth of cosmic existence, and with a knowledge that is sure and unfailing he permits the life of the community to be organised according to the higher cosmic Laws. The collective realisation of Oneness thus becomes the Divine Mother's experience of Harmony.

. . . the New Way of Love

is the outcome of a realisation which the power of Harmony brings. When the individual realises his inner Godhead and through that the divine source of all creation, he touches the threshold of divine Love. Love in the new society is a power, and with this power the gnostic being conquers. The new way of Being is the realisation of Truth which ultimately carries the new society to the experience of Immortality. It is the discovery of the truth of Matter. The new way of Oneness is the new light in and above Mind, and it brings the new seeing and the new knowledge, the channels for the manifestation of Truth. To this must now be added the new way of Love, for this is the consummation of the third level of existence. In the true experience of Love a power is born which serves the gnostic being as the most potent weapon for the conquering of Falsehood. Love is the saviour; Love is the sword of the Warrior; Love is the vital strength of the Hero extracted from the luminous pool at the heart centre.

The member of the new society is the Hero of the Divine Mother, he or she who has realised the height of the vital being's expression. Power of the Hero is not a force of destruction but rather one of joyous creation, because it is not nourished by the lower nature. Power of the true Warrior comes from the realisation of Love, and in Love alone we find the perfect equilibrium. The Hero derives his or her strength from the heart, where the vital force finds its most complete and perfect expression, as it is freed from the impulses of the inferior being and transported into a realm of higher light. Then a power arises which is the power of Love. The new way of Love is the Power of Love, the tool that the Warrior is granted for the great transformation. It is a power of action, of creation, based on a true harmony of being.... based on a perfect Surrender.

Love is the sap of life that permeates all existence. It is the divine solar pulse, to which all created things and beings respond. Without Love there could be no creation; without the power of Love there could be no evolution, no harmonious growth and no consummation of the experience of Oneness.

The Divine Hero, member of the new society, has surrendered his vital being to the Mother. He or she has made the choice: no longer can the Hero be enticed by lesser pleasures and satisfactions of inferior ecstasies. It is only the Divine Ananda that can quench his or her thirst for love. The initiate Warrior has laid his entire being at the feet of the Mother, and through Her alone does the experience of Love come. This, he knows, comes from Her, and he accepts nothing that does not bear Her highest vibration. The vital being of the true Warrior is given over entirely to the Divine Lover. But this does not isolate him from his brethren. Rather the perfect surrender carries with it the true psychic realisation, whereby the initiate relates to others on the basis of a purified instrument, with each part of the being flooded by the light of the soul. The psychic glow pervades the whole of the Warrior's existence, and love is the major note of his collective life. When the individual soul is realised there comes automatically the realisation of Love, and there arises simultaneously the new power of Love. It is this power that makes the member courageous and fearless and wholly given to the task of establishing a life divine upon Earth. The experience of Love with the Divine Mother is the initiation of the Warrior, the moment of transmutation of his vital being. It is then that the soul takes possession of the life forces and Power and Love join for the making of the real Hero.

Soul power is the weapon of the member of the new society; a disarming sweetness emanates from the being of the Hero who has undergone an initiation into the mysteries of the Mother's love and has emerged with the vital force transmuted. The sweetness of the psyche pervades the nature and permeates the actions of the Warrior who, before conquering for the world, has conquered the demons of his or her own inferior nature. This process is made easy and evolves in a natural harmony when the member surrenders to the call of the Divine Lover, when human love is sacrificed at the altar of the Supreme Ananda, and the Hero serves as a high priestess in the temple of the Goddess, offering her entire being and existence as a channel through which the Divine Lover's Ananda may descend and fill the new Earth. All the members of the new society are the instruments for the Supreme's love play, and through this central Love they live the experience of collective Love. No force on Earth can conquer a power that arises from the realisation of such a Love. The Hero holds this soul flame before him or herself, and the mighty sword of a transmuted vital energy is the power that cuts through the jungle of darkness and opens a path for the world to a luminous City/Consciousness of Light and Truth.

... the Integral Way

is the fourth poise, and it is the force of crystallisation which makes the realisation solid and whole and gives it permanency in Time and indestructibility in Space. The integral way is the way of perfect equilibrium and the realisation of the equality of the one and the many. A simultaneous experience of the unity and the multiplicity is the foundation of the integral way, which eliminates all conflict born of the paradoxical appearance of creation. In this city-consciousness a fourfold realisation makes the new creation the sole reality for the new Earth, When all the false constructions shall crumble, due to their incomplete base, the new creation will arise from the midst of those ruins and the city-square will carry the remaining population to the threshold of a new and integral life. The Mother's chamber stands at the heart of the new city-consciousness, as the soul in the inmost centre of one's combined mental, vital and physical being. Standing at the centre of the new way, it reveals the integral Plan, and turning to this core-light the new society, at every step on the way to its full growth, receives the unfailing, accurate guidance it needs for establishing the reign of Truth upon Earth.

Thus the integral way will reveal the incompleteness of all past creations, and will show that these were merely stepping stones, pillars in the temple of God. But when the total plan is seen and revealed, the initiate can no longer be satisfied with a partial way. No longer can enigmas prevail in the blazing light of the integral Truth. No longer can the speculative mind cast shadows upon the face of the fourfold, four-rayed Sun. This realisation is a light unto itself, a universe unto itself, a world whole and complete, for it stands firmly rooted on the four pillars of existence and is as indestructible as the Manifestation itself, as eternal as God is eternal. The Masked Transcendent silently and stealthily removes his covering and mounts his throne, and by his coming - his very own birth and death and re-birth in our earth-time, he redeems for us the consciousness-matter of our world. He is the Seed, the one eternal Truth from which all truths have sprung. He is the Tree, whose branches are the manifold manifestations of the potentials of the Seed. He is Shiva and His Son, whose birth is the clarion call of Victory. He is the Son of God the Father, not crucified but glorified, the light of whose body is the substance of a new Time. He is the flame in the core, the submerged and hidden essence in the heart of created things, - in the core and in all the outer coverings. He is Agni hidden in the waters and the earth. He is that Son of Force, the leader of the journey, because he shows the warriors of the Divine Mother, simply by his being, that path that is illumined by the rays of the supramental sun. He is Kalki, the master of Kala, of Time, who comes to lead on the white Horse, to cleave with his Sword of Truth any darkness that may stand on the way, as he re-poises on its four invincible pillars the kingdom of sanatana dharma, of the Eternal Truth.


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