Simultaneous Lifetimes

written by Jananda Korsholm <>

I would like to share an incredible experience from my life in this incarnation, because I feel that many people could gain knowledge about their situation through this experience. First, my spiritual name is Jananda, which was given to me from my inner guidance years ago when I was still residing in Denmark, my native country. I was born in november 1933; my earthly name is Jorgen Korsholm. I= started my spiritual life in 1969 and became a healer and a counselor, gave lectures about UFOs and life in other dimensions until December 1988, when I left Denmark and started a new life in the United States. I am now living in Sedona, Arizona, and continue my work as healer and teacher for people seeking the truth within themselves. I am married to a wonderful visionary artist, Celeste, and we are both very happy that our inner guidance brought us together and helped us to come and live in this beautiful and powerful area.

As I progressed in my spiritual growth and was given many beautiful experiences, it was astonishing for me to experience many bouts of depression and negative thoughtforms around me. I knew that when one is sensitive it is possible to feel energy from other dimension, particularly the so-called astral dimension. The astral dimension (or Kingdom if you like) is a place or state of consciousness in which human can abide between incarnations. (It is important that I also state that any being living in the astral dimension is there by his/her own choice, and it is the being"s own decision to leave that state of consciousness and enter a higher and happier level in the astral dimension.)

This same dimension is also a level where many millions of beings living as earthbound souls. An earthbound soul lives between dimensions, so to speak, and as long as he/she is in this halfway house there is no possibility for a new incarnation on the physical earthplane. This create a stagnation in evolution, which of course is very disappointing for the earthbound soul and those many parts of the consciousness that are waiting for the soul to realize that life between dimensions is an illusion.

The thoughtforms that came to me were often so negative that I had the feeling that I was close to committing suicide. Many times I felt that I was an absolute zero compared to other beings, that anyone was better than I was. I started questioning my inner guidance about why my life was like this and why it was not possible to be happy in this wonderful work I was doing. How could I be a good teacher and healer when I felt this way? For many years I walked around as an unhappy person. Thanks to my wonderful partner, Celeste, who told me that I should allow these feelings to come forth, recently I finally realized what it was all about!

First, we did much cleansing of the house we were given to live in. We all have to prepare our living space for spiritual work. Anyone can eventually learn to create a beam of light in their house or apartment, a beam of light that works like a cosmic elevator through which earth-bound souls are given the opportunity to leave the darkness they live in. With assistance from Angelic Beings, we created very powerful beams of Love and Light in our house and dedicated our home to the work of God, to serving the great cosmic plan of evolution. However, after the cleansing I was still receptive to the same negative thoughtforms as before, and I knew that it could not come from the astral dimension anymore, sincethere was so much light and love in our house. I kept asking "WHY?"

Finally, one morning a couple of months ago I suddenly "came back" to my body and had a wonderful feeling in my consciousness. It was a feeling I had never experienced before, a sort of deliverance and release; I was simply happy. Upon questioning my guidance, the answer came clearly into my mind: "He is dead!" "Who is dead?" It came very powerfully: "Your simultaneous life on this planet is finally finished with his life. His assignment is accomplished! You do not have to drag him up from his pit. Through these years you have been a source for upliftment and encouragement for that part of our consciousness. It was his choice to create a difficult life so he could go through the Fire Initiation in one lifetime." (The Fire Initiation is the greatest initiation about love, to learn the process of unconditional Love.)

Let me end this by telling you that as planet Earth is gradually entering into an area of more intensified Light, the human massconsciousness will evolve to the point where many beings will experience simultaneous lifetimes and become more aware that as a human you are really a multidimensional being, and you will also be given the knowledge that you exist simultaneously on more than one planet. Gradually you will experience that you are working with your different light bodies in may places at once. I have been told by people I have been in contact with that they are also experiencing the same type of feelings I have had. They are also aware that they are working in other dimensions and are capable of bringing remembrance back to the physical vehicle through meditation!

It is my hope that this information may support you in your spiritual enlightenment. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me either by phone,letter or e.mail (

Let the plan of LOVE and LIGHT work out!