Paradigm Shift

written by Dawn Christine

Second Transmission

July 6, 1994

Channel: Dawn Christine

Each and every one must find the Love that lives within themselves. You must want to find it more than anything, and give it. You must want to give it more than anything, share it, and send it out continuously, effortlessly, and joyfully without an expectation of getting anything in return. Because in finding the Love that lives within ourselves we discover the knowingness that in that Love lives everything that we could ever want or need. So in loving, in giving, in sharing this universal energy that is for everyone and everything, we find that everyone/everything flows back to us. Our needs and desires are fulfilled because this universal energy only knows to fulfill Itself. This is how much IT loves Itself, completely and unconditionally. THIS IS OUR EXERCISE IN REMEMBERING.

This energy, this Force, this Power, this Love is all-knowing. It is the Creative Power of the universe, that which creates all and that which is continously creating from Itself of Itself. It knows when we think a thought, have an idea, whisper a prayer, or have a dream. It knows what it is that we need, desire, and what fulfills our spirit. It knows all these things because we are this Spirit and this Spirit is us.

When we remember this, we move back into the flow of this Universal Truth and Reality, and our lives flow with continuity, effortlessly and joyfully.

So now, we have to find where the disconnection is. At what point did we disconnect ourselves? Do we care, really care about others? Do we give to others for the sheer joy of giving? In that joy is the knowingness that in this giving is an endless supply of energy for eveyone, including ourselves. These are hard questions we have to ask ourselves and be willing to understand what we are doing to ourselves. And in these answers we will understand how we feel and perceive ourself, and where the disconnections are. To hold back from another lies the belief of SELF-DISCONNECTION from the Universal Life Force. In this illusory fear, one holds back not only from others but from oneself. Thus the energy flow is redirected in a non-productive, non-supportive flow and is scattered out into the universe. Thus energy that could be productive and supportive for all is wasted.

For those who don't immediately understand this, meditate on it. Ask your soul questions about this until the understanding flows in and GO ON.

Don't hold onto this information as it comes in or resist it or TRY to understand it. This impacts the energy flow and creates tiredness and fatigue. Just let it flow through. You already know this anyways. You do.

Now we have the opposite of this same idea. Do you give instead of take? Do you give and give and give no matter what until there is nothing left for yourself? Do you discern who it is appropriate to give to and how much? Is this someone who will appreciate and see the giving and want to give back? Or is this someone who only knows to take? You see, with two people who are in the joy of giving, the energy flows back and around effortlessly and (the energy) is fulfilled; and the energy of the universe flows in a smooth, supportive way. But when one gives inappropriately and takes inappropriately, the smooth energy flow is impacted in a non-supportive way. The energy stagnates, explodes, and scatters.

Now these two dynamics are opposite sides of the same dynamic, for ultimately both are in the illusion of self-separatedness and disconnection from the Universal Energy Source. The giver gives of her/his own personal energy and power thus depleting their vitality, giving their individulized power away. This type of giver attempts to GET energy by giving energy away first. Then there is the TAKER who believes they have to TAKE energy in order to have energy. Both types do not understand how to properly connect with the Universal Energy Source.


... When we as givers no longer allow others to suck out our energy, these energy suckers will automatically just move on to someone else who will participate in this dynamic. It is that easy. There is no need for any confrontation, for in the confrontation is the sliding back into the illusions of disconnection and separation. This is not something that "we have to do" but rather just automatically flows when we as the givers move out of our illusions and back into the consciousness of truth, our truth.

Understanding the spirit of giving and receiving is important. Being alert to illusory giving and taking.

Initially we come into the world to give and share Love and are quite excited about it. But we quickly discover that there is something else going on. We get confused and then disassociate (disconnect) ourselves from the truth about ourselves. This is the same thing as saying we are disconnecting from God, or, disconnecting from the Universal Energy Source.

Remembering who we are and establishing that cosmic order of living here in dense matter is what we are supposed to be doing here. Now dense matter is also a cosmic energy pattern. It is not outside of the Universal Energy Source.

Why are we establishing a new order of living in the physical plane as opposed to going back to Spirit? It is part of THE PLAN. It is the next cycle of experiencing creation. And we as spirits in the physical plane enjoy the physical we will find a fulfillment in the physical. In the physical we are able to experience and feel very deeply and this fulfills the spirit. So again, the Spirit manifested as us is fulfilling Itself here on Planet Earth.


Third Transmission

July 9, 1994

Channel: Dawn Christine

Good morning to all! We bring only Love.

So now, we have the KNOWLEDGE that there is only LOVE; we are that LOVE and it is our inherent birthright to give and share this LOVE. For in doing so, we fulfill the Spirit of Life, we fulfill the Purpose of Creation.

What is this LOVE we talk about? It is the Creative Energy that creates unto Itself. And in that Creative Energy is a FINE Intelligence that lives within the nucleus of every living thing. And in that intelligence lives every energy vibration, every quality of God, the Universal Energy Source. These qualities as you know are Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion, Beauty, Ability to Create, Talents, and Self-Healing properties, etc.

Now this morning, we are going to speak to you about the energy dynamic known to you as KARMA. We speak to you in hopes of dispelling the illusions making up this dynamic. The Purpose of dispelling these illusions surrounding this dynamic is to free the binds that have restricted your consciousness for many centuries, many eons, time as you have known it on this physical plane, Planet Earth.

As you are preparing to step up to the next level of consciousness (experience). This is a necessary step in opening the doors to freeing yourselves from illusion (to be able to consciously tell the difference between truth and illusion). This will lead us into a Higher Order of Living, experiencing the Truth of the Universal Energy Field in dense matter, as dense matter.

As you can tell, you have to read between the lines of these transmissions (know what I mean?). Why? Because you are "free will" spirits and as we have mentioned, you have to want this more than anything. You have to do your part. IT IS AN EXERCISE IN REMEMBERING.. You are doing this because your want to. After all, you already know this don't you???

Now back to the matter at hand. Presently there are many explanations coming forth explaining the "WHYS?" and "WHAT FORS?" for the conditions of your life, planet, solar system, and universe. To some of you these explanations are evoking varied degrees of fear. If this is happening to you, then take a good look at the information presented, ask your own inner wisdom about the truth of the matter, and then follow your own inner response. If there is an evoking of fear, most likely the information is untrue or is being presented with a coat of illusion or it doesn't apply to you.


(continued next message)


What does this mean? It means that different spirits (souls) have different purposes for being here and moving about in human bodies.

As you are beginning to realize, there is a major spiritual revolution taking place right now on your planet. As mentioned, there is a lot of help coming forth now to help in the succeeding of this change. The help will be presented in many forms. All of the help is not necessarily going to come down from the SKY!!! The help is going to be presented in its most effective way.

POINT TWO; THE UNIVERSAL ENERGY SOURCE IS LOVE. AND LOVE DOES NOT PRESENT INFORMATION IN A WAY THAT EVOKES FEAR. This frequency is of an illusionary vibration. As said before, the Spirit knows only to fulfill Itself. It loves Itself unconditionally and completely, and YOU are part of that ONE SPIRIT.

Meditate on this information and let what is deemed valuable to you integrate into your consciousness. And then go on.

Creation was intended to be a creation of experiences to experiment with, not to suffer and grieve. Karma is part of the human thinking. It is the BELIEF in RIGHT VS. WRONG and thus WRONG needs to be punished. It is the belief in a JUDGING "GOD" that needs to be feared.

Humanity "got lost" (so to speak) in its human thinking. And that is why there is so much help coming forth right now, to help dispel illusion. This DREAM OF ILLUSION has fulfilled itself. This part of the Divine Plan is over. Humanity has experienced the physical plane fully and completely through its "human" thinking. This cycle of evolution has fulfilled itself. And humanity as a whole is moving "up" into the next cycle of evolution/consciousness. And now the next cycle of experience is to experience the physical plane with your human consciousness, integrated with your Cosmic Consciousness. Another way of saying this is, "experiencing Heaven On Earth as it was in the beginning."

We have given you a lot of information. So as to not over-whelm you we will stop here for now. We will elaborate more in the transmissions to come.

Continue the application of the Universal Energy Source connection exercise, receive it in and send it out and watch your lives transform. Imagine the effect of this exercise applied in a group setting!

For now,


Fourth Transmission

July 13, 1994

Good morning. What a beautiful morning this is. There is great joy coming to you because so many are willing to listen, now.

Good news comes to you. You see, THE CORE is LOVE, so LOVE can be the only message. And this is GOOD NEWS. Pure Energy as some of you are experiencing now feels VERY intense, maybe overwhelming. Don't fight this energy or resist it. Welcome IT with open arms, as a loved one welcomes another. The bond of LOVE is strengthening Itself once again. There is always a period of adjustment, for the human being is in the process of being made "lighter" (so to speak). Higher, finer, more subtle energies are streaming forth into the human organism. More Light, more Love, more pure energy is streaming (pouring) forth. This energy supports and makes it possible for the human consciousness to transcend to a higher level of reality. And in that Light, in that Love, and in these energies, is a Fine Intelligence that knows what the human mind NEEDS to transcend.

There is a lot of information coming forth in regards to the definition of Angels. And let us explain. What is referred to as Angelic Energy, is a higher, more refined, purer vibration of the Cosmos. That does not mean that Angelic Energy is better than or more worthy than soul energy protruding forth in human form. It is just the path of participation and service this energy vibration is participating as in the SCHEME OF CREATION. And in this energy vibration is a Fine Intelligence that is closer in proximity (so to speak) to the Creative Force, the Universal Energy Source. And as mentioned in the Third Transmission, "help" will come to Humanity in its most effective way.

Let us begin with this: We are originally all the same. Our Spirit through the direction of its "thrust" from the Universal Energy Scouce creates Its composition: thus Its vibrational frequency, Its purpose and participation throughout creation, the experiential. In a sense, the Universal Mind, (Universal Thoughts), determine the nature (the above mentioned) of each living being. And in the core of every living being is a joy and appreciation for Its "composition" and Its "thrust" of participation in the Scheme of Life.

The soul enables the Spirit to experience. The soul is the connection between Spirit and the experiential. The soul is the brain/central headquarters (so to speak) and has many functions. It is the transmitter of impulses from the Universal Energy Source to the soul; from the soul to the experiential; from the soul to the Universal Energy Source. The soul is the overseer of all that takes place in the experiential. And is constantly sending, directing, and observing the experiential.

Now back to the matter at hand, ANGELS. As Humanity is preparing to step up on the ladder of Evolution, this Angelic Energy is playing a monumental role (in Its most effective way)!

Some Angelic Energy may place Itself (in spirit form) near the human mind. The human mind will reach up for this activity and bring it in and say, "Oh, I have an idea, I have a thought, I feel inspired". And with the integration of this Cosmic Thought, the human mind transcends to Higher Consciousness.


As mentioned in the third transmission, "all who inhabit human bodies are not necessarily human beings, part of Humanity". What does that mean? You see, there were certain spirits who DESIRED (so to speak) to experience creation. So "they" descended (so to speak) through the planes (the densities of creation) and adapted themselves to the plane they were visiting and experiencing thus creating the human body. And in that experience knew that the best way to experience was without their Cosmic Consciousness. Afterall, EXPERIENCE is the best teacher! This is/was their/your participation in the Scheme of Life. When this part of the Experience/Experiment had fulfilled Itself there would be a GREAT AWAKENING in the Consciousness of Humanity. One by one, each would begin to awaken in his or her own way. As mentioned in the Third Transmission, Humanity is moving toward experiencing Heaven on Earth. What does this mean? This is the union of each individual's Cosmic Consciousness with their/your human thinking in conscious awareness and activity. You have heard this referred to as the SACRED MARRIAGE.

So you can see, GRAND times are ahead for Life on Planet Earth despite all of the frightening predictions coming forth. As mentioned in the First Transmission, as one awakens, he/she will be able to JOYFULLY walk through the flames of apparent destruction, knowing that that which isn't necessary anymore is passing away (so to speak).

Now all of the Angelic Force knew of this Awakening. And some DESIRED to go forth in their task, in its most effective way. So some chose to come forth, taking on human bodies, to help serve in this way. They (the Angels) were to go through many experiences that the human being (Humanity) experiences. And they too would do this without the awareness of their Cosmic Consciousness. At thie scheduled time (so to speak), "they", (you who are they), would begin to remember---remember who they are, remember the original plan, and go into "action".

There is a great transformation taking place on Earth as you all are remembering who you are. Don't fight it, don't resist it. IT IS GRAND!

As you can see, we are all part of the unmanifested as well as the mainfested, created from and of a Great Cosmic Intelligence. This is all part of a plan, A GRAND PLAN !!!

If you are experiencing a feeling of being overwhelmed by the influx of Pure Energy, lay yourself down...begin deep, slow, gentle, rhymatic breaths, and continue untill you feel a calmness, until you feel a balance... then slowly bring yourself up and go on with your day. You may, if you have the time, meditate, and ask your soul for an understanding of this activity.

If you have further questions about this, you may consult with the channel

For Now, With Love,



Fifth Transmission

July 17, 1994

These Transmissions are to be shared only in its entirety. The purpose of these transmissions is to aid the collective consciousness in the transcendence of consciousness.

The channel holds all rights reserved.

These transmissions have been copyrighted in the state of California as Dawn Christine, 1994.

In-dividualization isn't Seperation. Individualization is creative expression, Creative Expression of the One. You are a Creative Expression of the One. Each and everyone of YOU. You are a WHOLE Creative Expression of the Universal Energy Source, "containing" all of the aspects and qualities of the One, Universal Energy Source. And together, All are an integral part of this Creative Energy. The Creative Expression is known by you as Creation. But you know, that YOU are as much a part of the Unmanifested as you are the Manifested. This is what makes you ETERNAL.

Through human consciousness, a belief thus a need has been established by which the human has come to isolate her/himself in order to exist, survive, and maintain Its Life. The human being has come to believe this is necessary. For as yo know, you haven't had access to your Cosmic Consciousness (by choice and in agreement) as you have been fulfilling a part of a Divine Plan, experiencing and experimenting in and with Creation.

As you are awakening, you are realizing that this modality of living has placed a heavy stress on the human organism; it effects how you move about your environment and how you socially interact with each other. You are beginning to realize (as you already know) that all the walls, barriers and fears you have for each other is impacting a peaceful, harmonious way of living. And there is a deep inner yearning to return to this way of Life. Which shall come to pass. For this too is part of The Plan.

The human believes that he/she needs to protect who they are, and what they possess, from each other; from fear of losing such and the inability in regaining your energy, your possessions, etc. As long as you try to GET energy, (things, space, land, to call your own) you cut yourself off from The Supplier, the Universal Energy Source.

There is nothing to fear. All the atomical and subatomical components that make up creation are related (such as in family) and move in and out and away and back in through each other and Life is sustained. Nothing can be taken away; "nothing" is ever wasted; and nothing really dies. Each atom, each molecule, each spark and speck of Life is related and interpenetrates with each other ina perfect and respectful relationship. Life on Earth will return (so to speak) for afterall this is still part of the Dream) to this.

There are many predictions being made in regards to many leaving the planet before this New Order of Living comes into being. Though this is so, this is not Our focus, for those who listen are those that choose and desire to go forward.

Moving back to the matter at hand, ISOLATION. Individualization seen as such cuts oneself off from The Supply, thus creating lack. Lack of vitality, lack of inspiration, lack of loving and harmonious relationships, lack of money, lack of fulfillment, lack of contentment, lack of harmony, lack of peace, all these lacks, pains, and sufferings have been fully experienced. It isn't necessary any more.

You are awakening to a Higher Reality in which Life (on all levels and stations) can live together in peace and each can live in rich abundance if we all "work" together. As we will realize that each one of us is a unique expression of the One, as we come to know that each of us compliments and supports the other in perfect alignment to the Whole, if we just allow it to be.


Open the doors and the windows of your Being. Hear the songs that each living part of nature sings. Greet nature each and every morning before starting your day. Feel yourself connect with this beautious wonder and relinquish the form that you have identified "I" as. Greet each and every member of your global family every morning before starting your day and sing your song to them. Feel yourself connect with them and again relinquish the form you have identified "I" as. Breathe Life, Light, and Love in. Let it fill your up and send it out. Share it with ALL because it belongs to ALL, it is ALL. Ask for It, expect It, and graciously give thanks for It, and watch your life transform. Discover the magnificant being that you are and let your unique individualizatino flow along the threads of Life, weaving an intricate and most beautiful pattern; It is your birthrite.

To some, these actions may seem simple, maybe insignificant. It might seem like something so simple would not have a powerful and transforming effect. But we say, experiment with them, and watch your life transform into a life that is simple, beautiful, and wonderous.

By now there are many questions forming. You may submit them to the channel and some of the next transmissions will be utilized as such.

We are with You, THE CORE


The Sixth Transmission

July 18, 1994

"Since the beginning of time, humans have experimented with everything."

As Humanity has moved along with Its visit on Lovely Earth, a belief system has established itself in mind and been regarded as truth.

If "one" is "lost", (or at least thinks he/she is) and believes that there is no way out, "one" will come to develop a need to justify her or his own existence. He/she will develop a system of beliefs that has a foundation "made of " untruths, illusions, and absence of truth. This beief system will suffix, will hold "one's" life intact until "one" has "lived out"/"fulfilled" this system of beliefs and then it (the foundation) will crumble. Sound familiar? This phenomena is not a "bad" thing... it is a GOOD thing because Now the opportunity for the Light of Truth may shine through the cracks in the ceiling, walls and floors and transcendence in consciousness, well-being and life conditions may move closer to the Light of Truth thus closer to reality. *Depending upon how enmeshed "one" is to this system of beliefs will decide if " one " is to experience cracks in the structure or the structure burning to the ground! This is not a judgement but is an illustration of a Golden Opportunity in the Scheme of Transcendence. These life experiences are perceived in a very different Light from Our direction! They are always seen through the Eyes of Love.

The need to develop a belief system in the first place comes out of the pain/belief that "one" has been severed/separated from Its own life force/umbilical cord/ Its parents/ Its Source and has been left ALONE and left to fend for his/herself through her/his own will and active efforts. The need is to identify his/herself outside of the consciousness of Its inherent identity. "This" is where the emphasis originated in regards to external achievements looked upon as medals of validation and worth. One is only ever lost if one believes so.

This is when "one" comes to mistrust his/her own inner wisdom and base his or her worth dependent uon external acceptance and approval from people and outcomes.

Now back to the statement, "as Life was/is intended to be?. As we go along, more and more you will come to realize as we have mentioned that the Universal Energy Source/Life is LOVE, ONLY LOVE, PURE LOVE. We will explain. Life was intended to be a journey of experiences and experiments sent forth for Its Creation/s from Its Creator. And that's all it was intended to be (originally). You see, "human consciousness"/"human mind" created the rest. We address the "human consciousness" because we are addressing YOU who are human, part of Humanity.

The Creator, the Universal Energy Source LOVES All of Its Creations so unconditionally and completely that It endowed each Spark of Life with Itself! What does this mean? It means that each Spark of Life, each Creation, contains within its nucleus the Mysteries of Life and each and every aspect that is of the Universal Energy Source. MEDITATE ON THIS FOR UNDERSTANDING.

You (as Humanity) can understand Life, Purpose and Truth as much from a flower as through the microscopic view of a human brain cell (i.e.); traveling space; watching the activity in space (the universe) or any type of research done.

Life is that simple and Life is that mysterious/wonderous and beautiful.

The BEAUTY aspect of Life/Creation is the KEY that leads to understanding. It is the LINK that holds the CHAIN together (so to speak). There will be exercises in which to connect and see BEAUTY within the next few transmissions.




The Seventh Transmission

July 24, 1994


Within the Higher, Highest realms of consciousneess which is pure intelligence there is the knowingness that there is only LOVE. And at these levels (so to speak) aare no thoughts, no questions, no wonderings, no needed decisions to make; THERE JUST IS...MEDITATE ON THIS BEFORE GOING ON.

What does this mean? Let us explain. There is a level of consciousness, pure consciousness where (so to speak) "ALL" JUST IS. And in the "is' is total REALITY. So there is no need to think, understand; comprehend or "do". The energy, the energies move about (so to speak; for if you were to observe this REALITY it would look as though there were no movement at all) in perfect purpose; in perfect harmony; in perfect balance, in total perfection. At this level, as mentioned, is ONLY PERFECT LOVE. From your perspective; if you were to observe this it would seem quite impersonal and void of emotions, void of feeling. You see, emotions and feelings are devices created (so to speak) for "forms" of living beings; the manifested; human beings to gage themselves as they move about throughout Creation. "They" (emotions and feelings) help the human being (we say human beings for that is who we are addressing here) to experience; discern, to evaluate; to help bring a sense of fulfillment to the embodied Spirit. But in the Higher, Highest realms there isn't a need or a needed ability to comprehend anything for REALITY knows Itself. This REALITY is PURE KNOWINGNESS, PURE UNDERSTANDING, and ALL of the energies within this level of REALITY move about in Perfect Order!

NOTE: When Higher Reality is transmitted through a human channel, the information presented is translated and given (by the channel) with GREAT FEELING as to convey the intensity and reality of PURE LOVE. This phenomena helps bring understanding to the human consciousness. "We" are not relaying the information with what YOU would call deep feeling but in the energy of the transmission the channel feels the High Order of Wisdom and thus relays it as deep feelings. "We" are not saying that the Cosmos doesn't feel; "We" are saying that at the Higher, Higherst levels of REALITY there is ONLY Pure Knowingness, Pure Understanding and ALL moves about in Perfect Order! In other words there is no need to guage.

Within the levels of consciousness, those levels that are below these Higher levels (so to speak) is a perception of REALITY. Below these Higher realms is the manifested realms and in these manifested realms is Creation; energy, energies created as "form". So you see, you have PURE REALITY looking upon that which It created. That which creates is REALITY and that which is created from and of REALITY can only perceive REALITY. So you can see now, why "the created" needs emotions and feelings and how they work as a guage.

NOTE: If at this point you are experiencing a throbbing in your head or a confusion coming over you, know that you are trying to understand this information with your human mind. And this is impossible! You must place yourself in an altered state (meditative state) and "let" your Divine Consciousness bring this understanding to your human consciousness.

Now, "We" need to mention, that in the nucleus of every molecule of Creation is the imprint of REALITY, It is REALITY. But it is covered up (so to speak) with "form"; something that is created and so in a sense there is a "forgetfulness" of what TRULY IS. But that imprint is what keeps Creation moving in Perfect Order; keeps the planets and stars in their place in space; keeps the human beings' feet on the ground and keeps all forms of life from colliding with each other. So you can see, even though it appears to you that life is somewhat chaotic; it is ALL moving in perfect harmony and balance. It is just perception that sees it as chaos. Most importantly, you can now see a glimpse of how much the Unmanifested LOVES Its Manifested, Creation. This statement of course, has been translated into human language and thinking.

Now in the situation of Jupiter (which evoked a lot of fear, for the human consciousness does not perceive the perfection of Life, what happened? This collision was the manifestation (coming from the levels of perception) of such consciouness. If a thought/belief is entertained by many (this is an over-simplification), you know that "it" builds in intensity and takes on a life of its own. And then, has to live itself out/ play itself out/ fulfill its reality. This is the law of the Cosmos; this is a Quantum Physics hypothesis, in agreement with the inherent birthright of "free will". And so you see before you, the playing out of a phenomenon of such. This is not a mistake made by the Cosmos; this is not a slip-up by the Divine, it is a pleying out of consciousness (perception) which effects the densest level of themanifested; the physical. It is a perception of REALITY, PURE LOVE and PERFECT ORDER.

Our message today, is a message of Liberation and LOVE. You see, TRUE REALITY is only LOVE and only LOVES Itself, unconditionally. An understanding below this level is perception. This is what is taking place on your planet right now; the dispelling of perception.

Some of you are experiencing the arrival of PURE ENERGY/ELEMENTAL ENERGY. But to YOU. this energy seems (perception) overwhelming. It feels over-whelming because IT is void of perception. You are familiar and feel comfortable with perception. There is a fear of letting go, for in your perception lives the understanding, (that which you developed) as an identifying and identification of who you think yourself to be. So you can understand how what fear is! And know that in your perceptions lives your human emotions.

The arrival of PURE ENERGY seems so over-whelming because IT is the lifting of perception (which you are comfortable with), up and out of your consciousness; the lifting out of the mind cells that make up your physical as well as emotional and mental bodies. This feels over-whelming because you are trying to hold onto that which your are familiar with and feel safe with.

Let us explain. As you are aware of; YOU are made up of physical properties, emotional energy, mental energies and more subtle cosmic energies. Now in the lifting of perception, this activity addresses and effects all of the energies that make you up, that make you, YOU. So as you OBSERVE the interplay between your personal energies and the arrival of PURE ENERGY, you notice that the lifting of perception effects all the levels of your being as YOU are becoming "lighter" in vibration.

For example; because of PURE ENERGY is void of perception, YOU will feel/experience "negative" thoughts and beliefs lifted from your mental body. You will be asked (so to speak) to relinquish this percpetualized balief system. This activity will manifest Itself through your everyday/ordinary ways. Most likely this activity will not express/manifest Itself in any sensational/spectacular, from "out of the sky" way! This is all about experience through the human experience. The more that you resist this activity the more challenging this activity will be. Beliefs that do not support the PERFECTION AND LOVE OF LIFE will be lifted. Thoughts of judgement, anger, hatred, resentment, jealousy, lack, attack, etc., etc., will be lifted. Emotionally, you will move into a responsive mode instead of a reactive one. And responding to all of this activity will be the responding within the physical body. Such as the release of tension, illness and dis-ease.

Don't fight It, don't resist It, welcome It as you would welcome a loved one. Though we do understnd your plight.

In perception lives the belief that Life is less tha Perfect and Humanity needs to be saved from something b-i-g and a-w-f-u-l!





The Nineth Transmission

30 JUL 94

"There is No Missing Link"

Imagine a world where there is _only LOVE, compassion, good=will, community, _all living together in harmony, _all living in appreciation of each other, _all living out the Oneness of ALL!

As you ponder this, does this image seem to satisfy that feeling in your heart that feels to you like a feeling you would associate with home-sickness? Does this image feel as though _it is healing the pai8n that sometimes twinges in your heart with no explanation for itself? Does this image stimulate a feeling of safety and contentment? Do you feel as though you could lay down in this image, rest, relax and feel at peace without needs and desires? This is TRUE REALITY. This is the remembrance of Life as it _truly is. And this is how YOU can Live and again YOU will. Anything other than this way of living is _perception.

For so long, Humanity, in an attempt to explain itself and its existence; in an attempt to ease the pain coming from the belif in separation, created "something outside of itself to HOLD responsible, to blame and to fear. And out of this paradigm, Humanity further developed a belief in good and bad; right and wrong, a need to define in absolutes; a need to develop a system of rewards and punishments and in that system, Humanity also creatd a need to be saved from itself thus creating a need for saviors; unobtainable saviors at that and thus religion was created. Religion was established as the mediator, the leison, the missing link and the _only connection to that GREAT POWER that lives outside of itself; somewhere out in the sky, so very far away!

For those who found no comfort in religion extablished another system of definition and thus the world of analysis was created. Now, analysis attempted to explain the purpose of Humanity void of any POWER outside of itself or greater than itself. But couldn't!

Remember, that Humanity has been experiencing Creation without the access of ITS Cosmic Connection for a very long "time"! As YOU awaken, YOU remember that there isn't anything to be saved from. For this, The Dream was/is an experiment of experiences. The Dream was/is part of a Plan; a Great Plan; a Plan of "FREE-WILL".

As YOU awaken, YOU remember that everyone has within themselves ALL that they need; each has their own mystical union and thus the mystical union provides totally and completely for Itself as YOU!

There are no missing links. This is _perception. To imply that there is a missing link is to believe that the Cosmos does not move about in PERFECT ORDER; that LOVE is not at the "CORE" of ALL LIFE and thus Humanity is separate unto itself. As you now remembe, Humanity is a valuable member of Creation/The Plan. To imply that "man" is made of the earth; that "man" rose up out of the earth is really the symbolic representation of the human body as taking form. Form is the vehicle that makes it possible for Humanity to move about in the physical plane. Humanity, as you know are individualized spirits/emanations of the One, Universal Energy Source; that which YOU call God. So there is no missing link. There is no need for a mediator/connector. The connection is from within each and every member of the human race.

As Humanity moves into this consciousness, _it won't need the help from channels, mediums and psychics as it has in the past, up to the present moment. Even with an electrical connector wire, that hooks two machines together, it, the connector wire really just allows the two machines to commune with each other from within themselves. The two machines are still talking to each other from within themselves, sharing their inner-most workings.

The connector for Humanity is the soul. The soul is the connector between the Unmanifested with the Manifested (form). And the way to connect is within the Silence of YOUR own BEING-NESS. For as you know, within the Unmanifested is no sound, no color, no movement, no form yet contains ALL there is!

The master Jesus was the personification of TRUE REALITY embodied with human form. He served as a reminder to ALL, who ALL were. He told Humanity tht they were capable of manifesting just as He did and more. Jesus didn't come to earth to establish church's religion. His message was of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and in that LOVE was everything possible. This perception was created by those who desired to control, own and possess as to ease their pain stemming from their belief in separation.

There are no missing links. ONLY LINKS to a beautiful and most valuable, pricless chain.