Diandra is an author, teacher and channeler who enjoys helping people find their inner truth. She has over 18 years of experience sharing spiritual awareness with others. Diandra uses this experience well as the co-founder of Inward Journey - Gateway to Expansion, an organization which empowers people through spiritual self-awareness.

Her "channeling" is a form of communication with a higher consciousness. The purpose of the channeling is to communicate universal truth to others. The extreme accuracy of this information has been demonstrated through out the years.

Diandra started channeling in 1980 while in bed with a back injury for 14 months. "I was searching for God and truth," says Diandra, "I then began to channel a universal consciousness that went beyond the understanding of my analytical mind."

The message coming through the channeling is a practical one of healing your fear, pain and limitation with the power of unconditional love.