Apocalyptic Resolution of Mass Consciousness

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What if everything we thought about god was wrong? What if human history never had anything to do with god but was actually human circles of karma, endless cycles of cause and effect created as a reflection of our collective thoughts? What if history is not about God judging us, but actually about man’s evolution in consciousness? What if the last 5000 years of history, often violent, is actually an evolutionary thrust into higher consciousness?

Present consciousness is creating a global fascist state. I would like to offer a theory that mass consciousness is creating this as a reflection of itself, that the force controlling our world leaders is our own thoughts. Some conspiracy theorists imagine that secretive societies (i.e. Illuminati) are behind world events. I will show that the hidden hand guiding us is our own thoughts and intentions.

Consider for a moment that the invisible source of energy that is forming an end times New World Order fascist police state is our own convoluted thoughts. There is no devil directing our play through our own thoughts. We are creative beings not yet aware that our thoughts are creating our experience. Our myths keep us in collective denial of our creative power.

Think for a moment that no god, no devil, no UFO aliens are manipulating us, that we are only experiencing the product of our own prejudicial memes. We are manifesting a perfect mirror of our thoughts. But because we can’t see or accept this, we reject our responsibility for the mess we've made on planet earth. We are like the fish not being able to comprehend water. The magic force thrusting us forward is our own thoughts whether we realize it or not.

What we believe is what we create. What we create is what we experience. Thus if we believe in a judgmental god that thought energy reflects back upon us as judgment. Judgment is the cause of our wars. In my paper “Comprehensive Theory of God” (see http://www.boloji.com/spirituality/092.htm) I detail how the collective super consciousness is our actual god. Because we have yet to realize our creative potential, we imagine gods outside of ourselves that control our destiny. It is the religious belief in the external god that is creating dysfunctional behavior, conflict, and war. There is no god outside of our selves and thus mankind’s biggest tragedies are self inflicted wounds.

Religion can be a black magic thoughtform that puts the human mind into a trance state. If we create a memeplex of an angry judgmental god that is out to get us, we experience that exact reflection since our experience is a perfect mirror of our consciousness. The meme of god hurling lighting bolts down upon man is a metaphor of our higher consciousness disciplining us for our deeds.
We believe in an imaginary god punishing mortals. How can we have free will if god punishes us for our acts? (see this illustration: http://students.washington.edu/kreucht/nye8.bmp)

We deny of our creative potential so we won't have to own our destructive acts that were produced by our destructive thoughts that came about from our own inept philosophy, which emanated from our initial spiritual denial which is clearly that we create just like the god we imagined.

I assert that Hitler was a puppet of German mass consciousness. The German war making karma built up manifesting in virulent fascism cumulated in World War 2 and the destruction of the homeland. Germans went along with the fear program and had an experience. Hitler didn’t cause Nazi Germany, Germany created Hitler. The German consciousness created an angry puppet that Germans eagerly followed. The fact is Germans loved and worshipped Hitler. Blaming World War 2 on Hitler is ridiculous, it was clearly a karmic cause and effect scenario that lead to Nazi Germany. (see: http://colley.co.uk/garethjones/german_articles/frankfurt_rally_feb_1933b.jpg)

So the Nazi’s were created by a collective energy pattern, a massive thoughtform, to resolve an evolutionary roadblock in mass consciousness. The holocaust was caused by the cumulative energy of Jewish and Christian thought. Germany is predominently Christian, The Third Reich was dominated by practicing Christians. How is it possible to seperate the underlying religious philosophy from the experience? Most do because they have adopted a god meme to abdicate self responsibility of their own creative power. The begging question of how could a loving god allow the horrific suffering, such as the holocaust, can be answered because an external god had nothing to do with it. The stark reality might be that the holocaust was created by the holocaust victims because of their very own beliefs in the angry judgmental god Jehovah, the god of Christians and Jews. This thoughtform created a painful ending for the believers and many continued believing in it right to the bitter end. !
Some gave up on god in the prison camps or on the battlefield but was too late to escape the ‘wrath of god’ that they believed in so strongly. Many Germans and Jews today are atheists, because of that terrifying experience.

Nietzsche: “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves? That which was the holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet possessed has bled to death under our knives. Who will wipe this blood off us? With what water could we purify ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we need to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we not ourselves become gods simply to be worthy of it? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_is_dead):

Before the holocaust the philosophical underpinnings of the god concept were at an end. The holocaust and World War atrocities totally finished the job. God died in Europe in World War 2 but God is still alive and well in the new world.

So which thoughts are creating the end times scenario that we are currently experiencing? The religious memeplexes. Religion is the cause of the problem, not our salvation. Christian teaching is filled with contradictions. God is love yet judges and sends people to hell. Polar opposites equated. All are going to hell just because they are born, all are guilty of original sin. So we're guilty for no reason. God gives us free will but then destroys us in a flood because we didn't obey, on and on it goes. (see: http://memetics.chielens.net/memeplexes.html , http://www.accampbell.uklinux.net/essays/skeptic/narrative.html)

Christianity is a derivative memeplex (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme), the child of Judaism. An important Jewish meme is the belief that they are God’s chosen race and all non jews are goy, cattle to herded and killed. This superiority belief is the source of Zionist manipulation. No one can deny that America is propping up Israel and the two are conspiring in attacking Islam. In other words, the Christian memeplex allied itself with the Judeo memeplex that is attacking the Islam memeplex. Memes are competing in the psychic space and war is spilling out on the physical plane. Each memeplex is trying to dominate and obliterate the other memes, all are fascist because of their intolerance for outside thoughts. The source of fascism is religious fundamentalism, it is worldwide, growing and it is the force driving the New World Order fascist police state. We see this illustrated in christian art, the belief that Jesus controls the earth. The idea that humans mus!
t be controlled by a higher power is fascist. (see illustration: http://www.copadorer.com/god.gif)

Supporting my argument is current reality of religion involvement in American politics. Christians support Bush and his Zionist controllers because of their ‘end times’ belief. Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians have unwavering support for Israel even though it leads to worldwide destruction. The prominent TV Evangelist Pat Robertson completely supports Israel and her policies because he believes in the Bible and the second coming of Christ, even though it results in Armageddon and the destruction of Israel. Where is the love in such thinking? Robertson is a case example of a toxic memebot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memebot) programming the masses to accept, thus create, this depraved reality. This is pure and simple power mongering, a cold blooded calculation that two competing memes of Judaism and Islam will destroy each other leaving Christianity victorious. (see http://www.patrobertson.com/Speeches/IsraelLauder.asp,

Modern day Germans wonder why their forefathers followed Hitler. If Hitler showed up in Germany today, he would be arrested as a mad man and locked up because the modern mind no longer tolerates such behavior. Likewise George W. Bush is the new equivalent of Hitler, but it would better stated that Bush is the new puppet of American Christian fascism. Just as Hitler, Bush is the delivery boy of those thoughts, wishes, and intentions of Christian zealotry. This is the only reason why America hasn’t reacted to Bush’s horrendous criminal misdeeds. Bush has authorized torture and no one seems to care, why is everyone going along with the new fascist lunacy? Let's not fool ourselves, Bush is the beloved new antichrist of the Christian Right.

Would we allow a mass murderer the freedom to wage havoc in our community? Neither should we allow political mass murderers to rule. If Saddam is condemned for mass murder, why doesn’t the same standard hold true for Bush who’s war has killed over 100,000 Iraqi’s? Have you heard the saying that we shouldn’t allow people who believe in ‘end times’ into politics? Of course we shouldn’t because it is suicidal. In a sane society not only would we immediately arrest the Bush political faction but we would also arrest the Preachers of the Apocalypse as warmongering co-conspirators. Are they not helping create the Apocalypse by programming the masses to accept death and destruction as the only reality because god divined it?

We live in a world with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. Nuking an opponent is the ultimate way to decapitate a competing meme. In order for the world to evolve, achieve a greater consciousness, then the old memeplexes must be abandoned. Men must transcend the memes that are destroying our world, but they will not do so voluntarily. So war is the answer to the problem. The Apocalypse forces the shift. War is how the psychic space resolves the bottleneck, an apocalyptic resolution of mass consciousness. In this illustration, Jesus returns on a white horse to straighten things out(which directly contradicts belief that Jesus is presently controlling the earth). The belief that an external god returning to rectify the world's problems manifests as political fascism and acceptance of a world wide police state. (illustration: http://religion-cults.com/Cults/Other/horse35.jpg)

It is my theory that human conflict is the way to heal a dysfunctional thoughtform. War is conflict on the physical plane to resolve a crisis on a psychic plane. It is becoming obvious what will happen to the centers of the religious memeplexes during the Apocalypse. I think it is no accident that sacred mosques in Iraq are being destroyed intentionally. When the power centers of the world’s religions are eliminated, the Apocalypse will be near it’s end. We are struck in a meme trance and we are about to be shocked out of our primitive consciousness. The apocalypse is the termination of our violent history because it is the beginning of our self awareness of our creative power. The time limit depends on how fast we grasp our dire situation. In the end, myth will be transcended because mass consciousness will evolve upwards.

If people could transcend religious programming then the end times scenario would be immediately terminated. What are the chances? Close to zero in my estimation. Humanity is so confused that what they are clinging to as salvation is actual their collective death warrant. We are stuck in a death spiral unless we give up our myth constructs of god, that all powerful outside force directing our play, and start realizing man is the only one who can create his experience and thus we must take complete responsibility for our actions. Our survival depends upon it.

- Phishna
14 April 2006