The CIA and the West Nile Virus

What New Viruses' Vaccines and 'Chemtrails' Have in Common

There is a three letter common denominator underlying:
the West Nile Virus (WNV) outbreak in New England,
the controversial spraying of ablation known human
chemical carcinogen related to agent orange-over
American cities, the growing threat of anthrax or other
biological weapons attacks, vaccination policies that are
risky and questionable, if not downright deadly, the
mysterious "chemtrails" overcasting previously blue skies
across North America, and an avalanche of sophisticated
counterintelligence propaganda concerning vaccinations
and bioterrorist threats eminating from our nation's
primary news sources.

The C.I.A. (Central Intelligence
Agency) is implicated in every regard. As a principle
perpetrator of all these threats, and a primary purveyor of
propaganda in these domains, America's leading military
intelligence and "corporate espionage" agency is suspect
in what amounts to global genocide being carried out in
the name of "public health" and "national security."

As an investigative journalist who routinely travels across
the western hemisphere, I get my "homework"
assignments from airport newstands. Since '990, I've
been tracking U.S. government cover-ups in the health
science domain. My special interests lie in "emerging
viruses," bioterrorism, and "media propaganda." As a
graduate of Harvard School of Public, and post-doctoral
researcher in media persuasion technologies, I have, for
the past five years, conducted highly controversial
investigations, published stunningly incriminating
documents, and exposed the purveyors of propaganda
surrounding today's deadliest microbes, along with the
agents and agencies directly responsible for
bioengineering and transmitting designer viruses and
bacteria to grossly unwitting populations. My job has
been to raise public awareness regarding these "covert
operations," to help a tiny intelligent minority survive the
current and coming plagues.

Having spent most of my adult life residing in Boston, the
news of massive malathione spraying for "disease and
mosquito control" in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as
was done months earlier in Connecticut, New York, and
New Jersey, grabbed my attention.(') Sketchy reports,
issued by The Massachusetts Department of Public
Health, alleged the discovery of the WNV "in an adult
dead crow found July "" in a wooded area near Willow
Pond in Jamaica Plain (adjacent Roxbury),
Massachusetts"-a predominantly African American
Boston suburb and home to one of America's largest
Nation of Islam communities.

"Odd," I thought, "of all the places in Massachusetts it
could have landed, the dead crow dropped on a Black

The official press notice cited the alleged need to deliver
"ground or aerial larvacide and ground adulticide
treatments around positive WNV findings." Thus, the
extensive lethal spraying of immune system ravaging
malathione began.

That same week, with heightened fear of a biological
apocalypse at hand, on Friday, July "8, "000, the Reuters
news agency in Washington announced that the U.S.
military's use of anthrax vaccine had come under intense
scrutiny and additional fire.(") Dr. David A. Ashford, of
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),
was quoted as stating "we do not have any specific
information on the efficacy of the existing vaccine for the
prevention of inhalational anthrax and we probably never
will." The article suspiciously recalled the largely ignored
report of findings by Dan Burton's congressional
investigating committee issued six months earlier. The
February "000 report by the House of Reporesentatives'
Committee on Government Reforms called for the
suspension of the anthrax vaccine program. Not only was
the vaccine's inefficacy determined by the committee, but
the risk of side effects was found to be '75 times greater
than defense department officials initially assured the
FDA and military personnel receiving the vaccine.

Suddenly, this Reuters report previewed the likelihood
that the FDA would approve an obscure antibiotic,
ciprofloxacin, over better known penicillins and
doxycyclines to prevent deaths from anthrax inhalations.
These standard antimicrobials, the article speculated,
might be less effective than ciprofloxacin, due to the
development of antiobiotic resistant strains of anthrax.
According to the Physician's Desk Reference, the risks of
ciprofloxacin administration are numerous and severe.

The very next day, Saturday, July "9, "000, the nation's
principle news agency, the Associated Press (AP),
announced the unprecidented move by the FDA to
legislate ciprofloxacin as the drug of choice against
anthrax. This synchronous announcement was said to
help the Bayer Corporation of West Haven Connecticut
market its product. Conveniently, for the corporation, the
FDA's action was said to be "part of an organized effort
by federal agencies to prepare the nation to respond to
biological attack." FDA committee chairman, Dr. L.
Barth Reller of Duke University, said "the unanimous
vote of the committee 'is clearly linked' to the unusual
circumstances of preparing for a possible terrorist attack.
. . . The CDC also is poised to stockpile the drug," AP

Background on the CIA, the "West Nile Virus, " and
"Industrial Espionage"

Hints of CIA involvement, and a darker side to this
virus's evolution, came less than a year earlier with the
publication of Richard Preston's New Yorker feature on
the "West Nile [Virus] Mystery: How did it get here? The
CIA would like to know."(4) Then, the alleged outbreak
of WNV, more commonly termed Eastern Equine
Encephilitis (EEE) virus, provided an excuse to spray
millions of mostly Jewish, Black, and Hispanic
"mosquitos" in the tri-state region with malathion.
Preston, whose propagandist nature and associations I
exposed in my national best-seller, Emerging Viruses:
AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?
(Tetrahedron Publishing Group, '997),(5) is the author of
the New York Times best-seller, The Hot Zone.(6) This
work catapulted him to national acclaim and his current
status as the chief voice in mainstream media bent on
broadcasting "immanent" biological attacks by
"terrorists," primarily depicted as Arabs, Blacks, and/or

It should be realized, however, that the word
"bioterrorism," reflects a broader sense of the word,
including the frightening of Americans into accepting
virtually any official bioactive prescription, including
experimental and risky vaccinations. In the case of
malatione spraying, this carcinogenic and lethal
intoxication is deemed appropriate to allegedly protect
citizens against hypothetical biological attacks, man-made
or natural. For the propagandist purpose of fear
induction, Preston's prose is best suited.

I first linked Richard Preston to CIA counterintelligence
activities through my independent investigation into the
origin of the Ebola virus. Ebola, the ideal biological
weapon that kills nine-out-of-ten humans within three
weeks of infection, emerged first in three European
vaccine production laboratories virtually simultaneously
in '967. Then named the "Marburg virus" (after one of
the vaccine maker's Marburg, Germany, address),
consensus held that this virus arrived in Europe in a
shipment of nearly 500 African monkeys. The scientific
literature, mainstream media, and Richard Preston, never
once disclosed the name of the infamous monkey
supplier-Litton Bionetics. Bionetics is cited in the US
Congressional Record as a leading biological weapons
contractor and nonhuman primate supplier for the US
military. Rather than reporting the obvious association
between the ideal biological weapon and a top biological
weapons contractor, Preston instead advanced a theory
on Ebola's origin totally void of scientific evidence,
support, or merit. Ebola, he claimed came from the deep
dark Kitum Cave near the West Nile region of Central
Africa. Kitum Cave, according to repressed National
Cancer Institute (NCI) documents, is Preston's metaphor
for Litton Bionetics's research lab. Here, in the West Nile
region of Central Africa, currently the heart of the
African AIDS belt, Bionetics collaborated, during the
early 1960s through mid 1970s, with the International
Association for Research in Cancer (IARC).

(Suspiciously, given the history of the cancer industry,
the IARC was funded by the U.S. National Institutes of
Health, but centered in France!) Near the actual Kitum
Cave, and the West Nile Valley of Northwest Uganda,
Litton Biontics and NCI scientists experimented on
non-human primates and apparently African villagers too,
according to eyewitness tesimony.(7)

Relatedly, Bionetics was a medical subsidiary of the
mega-military weapons contractor, Litton Industries.
Their president, Roy Ash, oversaw all of American
industry during the first Nixon administration beginning in
1969. That year, Henry Kissinger received the post
Nixon also considered for Roy Ash-National Security
Advisor overseeing CIA, FBI, and foreign policy.

George Bush, at that time, was a Texas congressman.
He, along side his father's friend, William Draper III,
warned legislators about the immenant national security
threat of burgeoning Third World populations particularly
in Africa. This and other warnings prompted Henry
Kissinger to begin writing the infamous "National
Security Memorandum "00: Implications of Worldwide
Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas
Interests" submitted before he left his NSA advisor post
in 1974. The document, declassified December "1, 1980,
called for massive Third World depopulation and related
activities. While NSM "00 was being prepared, George
Bush was appointed to serve as CIA director.

According to two other CIA directors-Richard Helms and
William Colby-as published in US Congressional
Records, Dr. Kissinger oversaw the development of
biological weapons for covert operations and
depopulation programs.

Additionally incriminating is past CIA director James
Woolsey's testimony before a congressional investigating
committee in 199" concerning the agency's French
operations. He stated, "With the end of the Cold War,
the CIA must enter the era of economic espionage." In
the language of espionage, a French columnist explained,
this meant that "the CIA will henceforth do many
services for American enterprises which take the trouble
to ask it for 'help' in both counterespionage and espionage

Obviously, then, considering these powerful people and
their positions, it is not unreasonable to suspect a
conspiracy to direct, at minimum, propaganda, if not
global genocide in the name of "population control."

This later consideration might seem unconscionable were
it not for the definitive links between Litton, the CIA, and
the Nazi-linked I.G. Farben Company-the global
chemical and pharmaceutical cartel that came to
prominance in the early 1900s.(5) The building that
housed Germany's leading industrial organization prior to
World War II, and for all practical purposes the Third
Reich during the war, became CIA European
headquarters immediately following the war. The marble
decorated I.G. Farben building was intentionally spared
from allied bombing runs. It was largely built by the
"Bayer Pharmarceutical " consortium that included the
distributors of aspirin and heroin to U.S. markets by the
"Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Co., 40 Stone Street, New
York" according to a 1906 Medical Observer
advertisement.(5,8) It is no secret that the CIA, with
involvement by the Bush family in America, has been
very active in illicit drug running operations for the last
several decades.(9)

Origin of the West Nile Virus?

In his pre-Halloween "DISPATCH" in The New Yorker ,
Richard Preston treated us to another trick. Concerning
at least five people who died in the New York City
vicinity from WNV, Preston reported the CIA's concern
was that the outbreak might have been a bioterrorist
attack. "How else did it get" to America, he asked. Then
he explained, "The West Nile virus was first identified by
virologists in 1977 in the West Nile district of Uganda."

Reading between the lines, Preston neglected to explain
where these pioneering virologists came from and who
funded them. The answer is very easily found in a review
of the scientific and historic literature.

Beginning in the 1960s, the fields cancer, virology, and
"public health" were virtually entirely funded by the
Rockefeller family in cooperation with Alfred P. Sloan,
chief benefactors and directors of the later developed
Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Research Center.

By 1970, John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company,
had "married" the German chemical/pharmaceutical cartel
known as I.G. Farben. Farben, Germany's leading
industrial organization, managed Hilter's rise from ruin to
riches as leader of the Nazi party. Farben's directors-the
cream of the SS and Third Reich-decided that Jewish
people would best serve as slave labor in their corporate
"concentration camps." Hitler's "racial hygiene program,"
historic documents proved, evolved from the "scientific
eugenics" efforts of the Rockefeller family, the British
Royal Family, and other powerful political notables
including Prescott Bush, George Bush's father! At that
time, primarily Rockefeller money built the Kaiser
Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics, Anthropology and Human
Heredity in pre-Nazi Germany. Then, Rockefellers and
friends instilled Ernst Rudin, as the institute's director. He
later became Hitler's chief racial hygienist. Margaret
Sanger, the grand matriarch of "family planning," and
"world population control," worked vigorously, at that
time, to herald the necessary elimination of "dysgenic"
people-mainly Blacks.

Erich Traub, a world class virologist who became Hitler's
biological weapons chief, and following World War II
came to work for the US Navy under the top secret CIA
"Project Paperclip," likely received Rockefeller support
before, as well as after, the war. A covert operation,
"Paperclip" was largely administered by Henry Kissinger
with full knowledge and support from the Rockefellers
and their business managers, John Foster and Allen
Dulles of the OSS/CIA. Thus, Erich Traub's early work
was likely being funded by the Rockefeller-Sloan cancer
directorship by 1977. Subsequents efforts in the West
Nile district of Uganda by "virologists" working for this
cancer consortium also included the testing of the first
cancer chemotherapeutic. A derivative of mustard gas
used during World War I, the chemical toxin, Sloan
investigators claimed, was highly effective in stopping the
growth of cancer (as well as dysgenic people).

Furthermore, a Litton Bionetics report to the NCI in
1971 listed virtually every virus, viral recombinant, and
infectious agent under study by the world's leading cancer
researchers, vaccine developers, and biological weapons
contractors. It lacked mention of WNV. Instead, the only
encephalitis virus cited was called "Dawson's
encephalitis" virus, likely deriving its name not from the
West Nile district of Uganda, but from a
Rockefeller-linked cancer investigator by the name of
Dawson who was clearly affiliated, by NCI contract, with
Litton, the IARC laboratory, and by association to the

Unfortunately, Preston did not relay this politically
incorrect background in The New Yorker-Rockefeller
home turf.