Written by Carlos Rodriguez

My beliefs

Updated: 12/05/04

Does God exist?
I think so, or at least I consider the most probable case.
Can we prove God existence?
No, we can not.
What is the nature of God?
Nobody really knows. I think this is a metaphysical impossibility.
Does God communicates with us?
Maybe, but most religious and ethical wisdom comes from our own minds.
The Soul
Is the Soul immortal?
Yes, I do.
Is there some "world" in the afterlife, where we can have some kind of activity?
Maybe, but I do not consider it relevant for the actual life.
Do I believe in reincarnation?
Maybe, but I do not consider it relevant.
Can death people's soul contact living people?
It is possible, but there is no significant evidence of this.
What are ghosts?
The most probable explanation is some sort of hallucination caused by electromagnetic stimulation of the temporal lobe. The other possible cause is low frequency stimulation of the brain. See articles on ghosts.
What about the "karma" concept?
It is possible.
Do I believe there was a Jesus historically related to the Jesus of the Bible?
Yes, I do. But I think the majority of the stories are not historically correct. I believe there was a Jesus who made a social and religious commotion. Whatever people say about him was absorbed by people and transformed in the stories we know. But the evidence shows us the Jesus we talk about lived a century before the Bible’s Jesus.
When was the story of Jesus we know elaborated?
I think the current version we know from the Bible: a virgin birth, the miracles, the sayings, death and resurrection was concluded between 100-150 A.D.
Did Paul knew the version of Jesus we now know?
No, he did not. He knew it partially. For example: he didn´t knew about the virgin birth and the location of birth.
Do I believe Mithraism was a major influence in christianity?
Yes. The coincidence are remarkable.
Do I believe the stories before King David are historically correct?
No. There is evidence all the stories before that time were elaborated after 800 B.C. For example: there is no evidence of a massive exodus, or wars from invasion. There is no record of any jewish culture living in Egypt, by Egyptian scribes. After the King David period the stories are more or less correct, but a little bit exaggerated I made add. Especially concerning the richness and power of the kingdoms.
Do I believe anyone can be the Son of God?
Do I believe in Trinity?
Do I believe in creationism?
Do I believe ethical ideas in Christianity are important and valuable?
Yes I do.
Do I believe ethical ideas in the Bible and its stories are valuable?
Yes I do.
I believe they exist, but I also believe the mind possess this ability. Prayer and many other religious methods can generate spontaneous healing. But not only in Christianity, also in all religions.
Speaking in tongues
The phenomena exist but it is a compulsive pseudo-language created by the trance state. There is no such thing as speaking in an unlearned tongue. And speaking in tongues is not exclusive to christianity
Mystic states, voices from God, Near Death experiences.
I believe most of the time they could be explained by neurological trance states, produced in the temporal lobe. Sometimes they could be symptoms of some kind of epilepsy and also schizophrenic disease.
Religion in general
Do I believe there is a "True religion"
I think they all have valuable ideas. I also believe they all have an important cultural heritage, that must be documented preserved. For me, all religions are extremely interesting.
On sects
Some of these religions can be controversial. Also, some of them can transform the individual in a sectarian. There is no such thing as sects, but there are sectarian. People can be sectarian in any religion.
Sect leaders
There are sect leaders. Most of them share some classic characteristics of personality and behavior. They can be eccentric and harmless, or very dangerous.
What about crimes inside religion?
Crime has no preference for any religion. Criminal acts can be performed everywhere.
What about religious ideas endangering people's life?
The limit of religious ideas must be consistent with well know human rights. Nobody has the right to starve a baby because God told him so.
Will I impose my beliefs in anybody?
No. Even in my kids. However, I will show them the whole spectrum.
The Paranormal
Out of Body experiences
As Near death experiences, I think OBE is a neurological phenomena. See articles on OBE in the psychiatry and neurology sections .
I believe there is intuition, but the nature of it, elude us.
Remote viewing
Demons, Angels, entities.
Maybe. In case they exist, the interaction with us is minimal or null.
UFO, aliens, abduction.
Maybe, but I will not bet on it. UFOs can be anything: from Ball Lights to strange aircraft. Aliens and abduction are closed related to Near Death Experiences and Out of Body experiences. There is evidence that all of them can be created in trance states. I think that if the phenomena exist, the real cases must be minimal. The rest of the cases are created by our minds and imagination. See articles on psychiatry and the paranormal.