Area 51

The military base known as Area 51 goes by many names- from Groom Lake to Dream Land. Due to the media attention focused on the base, including blockbuster movies, nearly the entire world knows of the once secret testing ground established in Nevada.

Recent occurrences have brought some to wonder if Area 51 has moved locations. Due to the decreasing amount of security and lack of strange sightings many feel the base has relocated to Area 6413 in White Sands, Utah. The new base is said to sit on the borders of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

Speculation has increased that the reason for the movement is due to dangerous levels of radiation- in the past, reports have included sightings of large quantities of strange chemicals. The new location reportedly has better security- from ground-based intruders to spy planes. A 1992 treaty placed the base in a dilemma- spy planes from other countries are allowed to fly over military bases to check for nuclear weapons.

Before rumors of aliens began to circulate, the base was known as the testing ground for the Stealth Fighter, U2 plane and various "Star Wars" weapons.

The official government reply to questions of Area 51 is simply that the base does not exist. Records show, however, that there are at least 1,851 works employed on the base. Satellite images also prove the location and existence of the base.

Arguably the most famous man connected with Area 51 is physicist Bob Lazar. Lazar claimed to have been hired by the United States government to help understand and develop the alien technology located in the base. After being approached by several government officials and taking several tests, Lazar apparently qualified and was shown documents which detailed the history of Area 51.

Lazar claimed the location south of Groom Lake, known as S4 or Papoose Lake, housed nine different alien crafts. Lazar claimed "gravity-wave generators" powered the crafts with amplifiers directing the waves for travel. The crafts are powered by Element 115- which has yet to be discovered and is produced in small orange chips. Perhaps one of the strangest claims made by Lazar is that the crafts included small seats for humanoids.

Background checks on Bob Lazar prove to be fruitless; no information can be found about his background or credentials. None of Lazar's stories seem to hold up to scrutiny and none of his degrees, past jobs or classmates can be traced. Lazar claims that his background was erased by the Government to try to keep the entire ordeal under wraps. Lazar made his first claims on a Nevada television station as he was shrouded in darkness. Later, he has come into the public eye to protect himself from government officials who would kill him to shut the data stream he has provided. It is currently impossible to tell if there is any truth to this.

Most speculate the alien technology was developed from a crashed saucer which was found in Roswell, New Mexico.