The Tree Mother and Her UFO?

Submitted by Thoth


One of the most influential books about UFO's that I've ever read was Jacques Vallee's "Passport to Magonia". I read it 26 years ago now, and remember it because it made a comparison between UFO sightings of the modern day, with alien abductions, and it demonstrated that this was nothing new.

People had been reporting similar things for millenia. He specifically demonstrated it in relation to the folklore of fairies, and their kingdoms etc.

It made an impact because I could see that in example after example, there were too many similarities to ignore. The conclusion from this (for me anyway) is that the UFO phenomenon, is or has been described in tales of old.  All the similarities are there, abductions, the lights, fairy circles.

If you can imagine living in medieval times for example, how would you describe a stealth fighter if it flew in the sky? Or for that matter even a commercial airliner?

You’d have to describe it, as possibly a huge dragon lit by a dozen flames (passenger windows).

My point here is that these kinds of encounters, would be passed on from generation to generation, and no doubt with a substantial amount of embellishment. If anyone remembers the TV series "Taken" there was a scene where a small child skipped off in the night, holding a cute squirrels hand, the boy thought it was great fun, but it was actually an alien projecting that in his mind.

It could be argued further that aliens, are our interpretation in this day and age of something else entirely. I don't rule out that possibility entirely, to me it seems the simplest explanation. Last week I stumbled upon a free book on Project Gutenberg (the link is in our "Daily News (" section under Free E Books) the book is called "The little house in the Fairy Wood (" and is a childrens story.

Here are a few quotes from an interesting section I found, about the Tree Mother, and her "Air Boat" ..

"When all were ready they crowded up the straight starlit stairs. At the top they crawled out through the sky door, one by one, into the branches. Eric followed Ivra, and saw a great black moth-like thing poised in air by the tree’s top But it was hollowed like a boat "

Now this could be just what it appears to be, a harmless childrens tale, told wonderfully by Ethel Cook Eliot ( in I think it wasn 1918. If it was in isolation then perhaps that could be the case, but there's tons of these similarities.

I don't think "Passport to Magonia" is published any more, more is the shame, but it's an outstanding book, and way ahead of it's time.

They say all legend and folklore has at it's base, some truth, could this be a passed on experience of a UFO encounter?

Dolphin said in the forums recently, that there could well be truths in fiction writing, and that's what got me thinking about this kind of thing. I'm sure that there could well be more than alien greys, maybe they're just how we can "handle it" now?