NASA called in to solve Lakes creature mystery


Mar 3, 2007

EXPERTS from American space agency NASA could help solve the sighting of a mystery creature on Windermere.

Bowness-based photographer Linden Adams claims to have taken pictures of a large creature, up to four metres long.

Mr Adams made his sighting while with his wife Louise looking out across England’s largest lake from Gummer’s How, near Newby Bridge.

The professional cameraman says he took eight photographs of the creature which stayed on the surface for 15 minutes.

Mr Adams, 35, said he is now contacting NASA to help verify his pictures.

He said: “We had walked up Gummer’s How at 9.30am. We had binoculars, a map and compass. I went there to capture the lake covered in mist.

“The mist had all but gone by 10.45am. I was trying to get some pictures of jets going along the lake.

“We were looking out over Hill of Oaks caravan site across to Silver Holme Bay.

“The condition of the lake was like glass when suddenly I saw this huge creature which came diagonal across from west to east.

“It thrashed about and moved off in another direction and then back again.

“I took a series of eight pictures before it went off towards the north end of the lake and you could distinctly see the wake as it went along.”

Mr Adams said he has shown his pictures of the Windermere creature to Canon Photography UK who also put him in touch with forensic photographer Mark Carr of Hawkshead who carried out measurements and told him he was satisfied the shots were genuine.

Dr Ian Winfield, of the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, at Lancaster University, has also been asked for his views on the alleged creature.

Mr Adams said: “He told me it now required further sighting and further analysis.

“So now I’ve contacted NASA for them to get involved in looking at the photographic images further.”

Last summer, college lecturer Steve Burnip, of Hebden Bridge, glimpsed a strange creature at the northern end of Windermere.

As a result experts from the Centre of Fortean Zoology are now carrying out a study into sightings on the lake.