Zoology and Paleontology

Exctinct animals
Argentavis: bird was glider
Baryonyx: ... m. all meat-eaters
Bee fossil, DNA generate a buzz
Bulldog Bear
Coelodonta antiquitatis
Coelophysis: dinosaur's ... challenged
Columbian Mammoth
Diatryma gigantea
Diprotodon optatum
Dire Wolf
...Dog-Hare Hybrid Found in Bolivia
Dunkleosteus terrelli: ... monster bite
Genyornis newtoni -
Giant Beaver
Giant guinea pig
: Giant penguins ...
Giant Rhinoceros
Gigantopithecus blacki
Gogonasus: ..Rewrite Evolution
Megalania Prisca
...killer kangaroo ...
Marsupial Lion, Thylacoleo carnifex -
Megalodon Jun-06
Megalodon II
Elephant "Missing Link" Fossil Found
Mummified Brachylophosaurus ...
Ornimegalonyx oteroi
PlatybelodonProcoptodon goliah
Puertasaurus found in Argentina
Rodhocetus Balochistanensis
...Sea Monster ... in Argentina Jun-06
TeratornsThylacoleo carnifex
Thylacoleo carnifex
Titanis walleri: 'Terror birds' ..
Turiasaurus: .. 'biggest d
V. antiquus: earliest flying ...
African Pterodactyls
Big dinosaurs 'had warmer blood'
...Camel Bones Found in Arizona
Climate change killed Australia pre-historic animals
Elephants Join Cognitive Elite
Did climate kill Alaska mammoths?
Did 'Nessie' roam Down Under?
Dino Skin Impression Found in Japan
...dinosaur unearthed in Argentina
Dinosaurs 'lived for 300,000 years after Mexican meteor strike'
Dinosaur fossil spills its guts, out come worms
The Discovery of Homo floresiensis
"Extinct" Vipers, Other Reptiles Uncovered in Iran
Hidden fossil, flying dragon
Frog in amber could be 25 million years old
Frozen Sperm Revive Jurassic Park Dreams
Geologists Provide New Evidence for Reason Behind Rise of Life in Cambrian Period
Greatest Mass Extinction Gave Oceans a Face Lift
Mammal rise 'not linked' to dinos
Monsters of the Antarctic
More Than a Meteor Likely Killed Dinosaurs 65 Million Years Ago
Remains of giant camel discovered in Syria
Oxygen fluctuations on Earth ensured only dinosaurs survival: Study
Prehistoric whale skeleton found in Tuscany
The search for the Tasmanian Tiger
Shark-Eating Dino Fossil Found in Utah
Single massive asteroid wiped out dinosaurs
Tuberculosis Helped Bring Down Mastodons
World’s oldest spider’s web ... in Spain
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Other articles on exctint animals
... Arctic skull raises questions
Fossil frogs yield 'soft tissues'
Fossil Embryos Show Early Life
Blue whale ancestor was no gentle giant
Mastodons Still Living in 1893
'Monster' fossil found in Arctic
Cave an Ice Age time capsule
Elephant "Missing Link" Fossil Found
Meteorite yields life origin clue
Germs Found in Amber...
Two-headed .. fossil found
Flying dinos had bi-plane design
Caverns give up huge fossil haul
Dinosaur den diggers discovered
Tiny fossils reveal ice history
T. rex was 'slow-turning plodder'
.mystery skeleton .. iceberg off N.L. east coast
Huge bird-like dinosaur unearthed
Giant panda ancestor not so giant
Baby mammoth discovery unveiled
Greek mastodon find 'spectacular'
Fossil sea spiders thrill experts
Duck-billed dinosaur had ..
River reveals 'Jurassic dragon'
'Giant dino' found in Argentina
Awesome beasts roved ancient site
... new family of dinosaur
Dino Bones Reveal DNA Surprise
Turns out some dinosaurs could swim
Comet May Have Doomed Mammoths
Bones of unknown animal unearthed
Ancient DNA traces the woolly mammoth's disappearance
Bones of unknown animal unearthed
Bone-Crushing Wolves Once Roamed Alaska
Dinos, Sharks Were Predators and Prey
Dinosaurs' slow rise to dominance
Dinosaurs, early relatives coexisted
Science makes DNA breakthrough in the tooth of a mastodon
Orchids date to time of the dinos
Oldest Identifiable Footprints Found
Mammoth hair produces DNA bounty
Sabretooth's surprising weak bite
Did mega-volcanoes kill the dinosaurs?
Dinosaurs breathed like penguins
Exctinct ... and then found
...fossil' in Laos Laos,
'Extinct' quail sighted in India
Millipede ... extinct is found
Okapis rediscovered Congo,
Beetle re-emerges after 60 yeas
Coelacanth: angler catches 'prehistoric' fish
New hope over 'extinct' echidna
Fisherman catches 'living fossil'Aug 1
Extinct" bird found in Thailand
Oddities, strange...
Real-Life Werewolves
Giant nests perplex experts
Could extra dolphin fins be legs?
Duckling born with four legs
Leopard Infiltrator Pinned by Naturalist
Rare blue lobster found in Conn. river avoids the cooker
Illinois Boy Finds 1-in-a-Million Blue-Eyed Cicada
'Blinded' vent shrimps thriving
Chupacabra, coyote or … ?
New Mystery Fish Photos
Chinese scientists command pigeons via remote control
Fish Capable of Human-like Logic
Indian farmer catches a calf eating chickens
Scientists report virgin shark birth
Tree apes sing warning songs '
Virgin births' for giant lizards
Whale destroys boat, 'says sorry'
Shark pregnancy baffles aquarium
Plants Recognize Their Siblings, Biologists Discover
Orangutans use 'charades' to talkAug 07
Ancient microbes 'revived' in lab
Sharks Have Genes for Fingers and Toes
'Scorpion venom' attacks tumours
Giant fossil rainforest unearthed
Toad found deep down in Loch Ness
Genes shed light on fish fingers
Tracks suggest dinos could swim
Rare orchid found on spoil heap
Chimps 'more evolved' than humans
Chimps use spears, scientist finds
Deep Mystery: How Huge Whales Hunt Jumbo Squid
Diet Linked to Brain Size in Primates
Ebola 'kills over 5,000 gorillas'
Elephants Join Cognitive Elite
Genetic info swapped between different species n
Humpback whales share high-level 'human' brain cells
Mystery apes ... Africa are ... chimps
Noise scanner could save whales
Prehistoric Mystery Organism a Humongous Fungus
Whale Vocab Richer Than Thought
Spider silk's 'DNA breakthrough'
Butterflies fast forward evolution to evade death
Study: oxygen bottleneck keeps bugs small
Parasites Sneak Entire Genome into Flies
Gliding mammal linked to humans
Australian scientists decode whale sounds
Colección especial de Nuriel
New Species
...chameleon snake discovered Borneo,
Exotic Animals ... TanzanianTanzania,
...giant beetle scares ... England,
Giant squid photographed
Mystery fish postcard
New animal resembles furry lobster
Rat-squirrel back
Snake With Two Feet Appears in Shandong, China
Strange Fish in the Cayman Islands,
Stunning finds of fish and coral
Unknown creatures found in cave
Multicolored bird hailed as new species
New Orchid species...
New frog species found in New Guinea
...f World's Smallest Primate
Bizarre deep-sea creatures imaged off New Zealand
...amazing forms of life
Strange aquatic animal found ...
White beetle dazzles scientists
Rare marine species . Philippines
Antarctic ice melt reveals exotic creatures
Island leopard deemed new species
Monster cane toad found
New snake-like lizard discovered in India
Lost forest reveals new species
The scientists found one new bat species
Big Pig-Like Beast Discovered
New insect species arrives in UK
African Mystery Beasts
Amazon explorers discover 40 new species in a 'lost world' of rainforest
Bizarre burrowing purple frog found
Giants: Fact or Fiction?
Elusive African Apes: Giant Chimps or New Species?
'Lost world' found in Indonesian jungle
...Mizoram Mammal Sighted
New Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents, Life Form Discovered
Researchers Chase Myserious Creature in Oklahoma 
Scientists trail a myth: Kerala’s pygmy elephant
Testing DNA of Mystery Apes
Found: the giant lion-eating chimps of the magic forest
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Animal extremes, nature extremes
Giant Catfish Protected..
Giant Jellyfish
Oarfish: huge fish ...Oregon
'Jaws' record-breaking catfish caught in Spain
...mammal's long tongue
... world's tallest trees
Rare shark captured on film
Half-ton squid reeled in
Elephant Butte's Giant Catfish
Boy bags hog said bigger than 'Hogzilla'
Huge squid washes up on beach
Mega-mushroom a savory stunner in Mexico
Parrot's oratory stuns scientists
Whales Break Distance Record With 5,100-Mile Migration
Endangered species
Can These Rare White Deer ..
Poachers target rare Nepal rhino
China's dolphin . extinct
Researchers catch giant squid
Peruvian hairless dog
Scientists try to save ... rarest creatures
Rare red ants get a helping
US wolves 'no longer endangered'
Orangutans 'face greater threat'
Striped rabbit spotted in Sumatra
Rare river dolphin 'now extinct'
Acoustic device may save India's river dolphins
American crocodile back from the brink
Baby pandas! Baby pandas! Baby pandas!
Polar bears may get protection
Rare Mekong dolphin making a comeback
Rare manta ray born in captivity
Yangtze dolphin is no dodo

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