Abduction Experience
History of the Zeta Reticulli (http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/zeta-history.html) by Lyssa Royal.
Apocalyptic Resolution of Mass Consciousness
God (Holy Spirit) And Human Incarnation
Government of Lord & Government of World
Highlife Theory Examining the Possibility of Life on Earth
Nature vs Super nature - PDF format - First chapter of "Wicca 404: Advanced Goddess Thealogy" on
New Age
Paradigm Shift By by Dawn Christine
Pleiadians By by Barbara Marciniak.
Real Liberation & Salvation
The Seven Chakras by Birgit Klein
Simultaneous Lifetimes By by Jananda Korsholm
The Third Avatar By by Robert E. Wilkinson.
University of Life - (A chapter excerpt from the upcoming book The Last Salvation: How to Prepare for Judgment Day and the Coming Wisdom Era by Marvin Q. Lam)
You Are A Multidimensional Healer
Zeta Reticuli Revelations by Lyssa Royal.
    Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Egypt
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Lyssa Royal
A pre-human civilization
Aging of earth
Defining emotional balance
Function of pyramids
Purpose of UFO contact
Ufo Spirituality
Anna Hayes
Awakening the Mentor
Jelaila Starr
What is Ascension?
Heaven´s Gate
What Our Purpose Is - The Simple "Bottom Line"
Our Position against suicide
Hehaka Inazin
Uranius S. Academy
Urantia brotherhood
Urantia Book
Concern over cult swastika poster
An Experiment In Ecstatic Trance Postures
Altered States of Consciousness (http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/a/altered_states_of_consciousness.html)
Are Totems the Same As Spirit Guides?
Chanting (http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/c/chanting.html)
Communion with the Infinite - (PDF Format) The Visual Music of the Shipibo people of the Upper Amazon. Cortesy of Shamanism.co.uk (http://www.shamanism.co.uk)
Divination (http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/d/divination.html)
Guardian spirit (http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/g/guardian_spirit.html)
Healing (http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/h/healing.html)
The Fastest Way to Release Karma (http://www.azizshamanism.com/karma.html)
Shamanic Healing (http://www.esatclear.ie/%7Eshamanismireland/heali.html)
Talking to the Dragons (http://www.azizshamanism.com/dragons.html)
Healing Feminine Spirituality in Modern Times (http://www.risingserpent.co.uk/hfsmt.html)
Medicine For the Soul - (PDF Format) Plant Spirit Medicines of the Amazon. Cortesy of Shamanism.co.uk (http://www.shamanism.co.uk)
The Mesa Nortena - (PDF Format) The shamanic tradition of Northern Peru. Cortesy of Shamanism.co.uk (http://www.shamanism.co.uk)
The Eagle and the Serpent
The Teachings of Don Juan
A separate reality
Journey to Ixtlan
A Journey Into Shamanism
How is Shamanism different from religions?
Huna Kupua
Modern Shamanism
The Transcendental Tourist
Shamanic Healing
Shamanistic Healing
South Koreans turn to shamanism to explain the inexplicable
Ufo spirituality articles
Ufo Cult
Other spirituality
Pranic Therapy

You & I Together - Have a Purpose in Reality

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III...XXXII (http://www.panentheism.com/Pages/0000026.html)External link
A Brief History of Wicca
Alexandrian Wicca
The Book of Law
Controversial New 'Wicca Witchcraft' Service...
Death and Reincarnation
Dragons - Guardians of the Earth
Elements of magick Wippler
The Gaian Conspiracy
Goddesses and Gods
Is Wicca really a religion?
The Magickal Pyramid
Pardon sought for UK's last witch
The real truth about a so-called 'devilish' religion
Satanism and the history of Wicca
Spirits, Witches & Science
Types of Magick
Using Lunar Magick
Wicca and Witchcraft
Wiccan soldier's widow fights for symbol
Witches creed

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