Controversial New 'Wicca Witchcraft' Service Revealed to the Modern Day Witches


An eclectic Pagan Witch, Rose Ariadne, has made a controversial new web site available to the public. She answers all questions about how to practice modern day witchcraft, and the content on the site has upset many parents.

Ventura, CA (PRWEB) July 6, 2006 -- Modern day "Witch", Rose Ariadne, pulled the curtain back on a new service for practicing Pagan witches all over the world today at

Followers of the controversial eclectic Pagan religion of Wicca Witchcraft are able to use her web site to input questions about how to practice any of the various branches of modern day Witchcraft.

Users of the site are not only able to ask questions, but search through other people's questions and answers.

Wicca Witchcraft is still not an accepted religion by many groups around the nation, and the web site has many parents in an uproar over the "questionable" content being made available to the public.

When asked what she thinks of the negative feedback, Rose responded, "People of all religions are free to practice however they like as long as they don't hurt anybody else -- and the same holds true for the religion of Wicca. People fear what they do not understand, and I must admit the word "Witchcraft" does hold a negative connotation -- but it's not at all what people think. The naysayers don't bother me, because I know they are just uninformed. I plan to help change these misconceptions with my Ask Rose Ariadne web site."

She refused to comment on the nature of the negative feedback she's received and said only, "I don't worry about the negative comments, I know I'm helping people who want to learn and expand their knowledge on the Wiccan path. I focus on those who appreciate the helpful information I'm able to offer them."