By Melissa Crowe
COPYRIGHT © 2000-2002
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Divination is, by definition, a foretelling of future events or finding something secret. We use divination techniques to find answers we are looking for that may not be accessible in our present lives, or that aren't available in the physical realm. We can search for answers about the future, present, or about the past- divination is not just attempting to foretell the future. There are many forms of divination, but here, I would like to explain a bit about scrying- the technique that I believe is the best divination technique for a beginner. I have used Runes and also the Tarot, but in my experience, scrying is most effective for a beginner, and the simplest technique.

Scrying is staring into a luminous or a reflective surface with the intention of seeing a vision. There are different ways to scrye- the best technique for a beginner is to use a bowl of water. To do this, you should be in a dark room, or, if you prefer to be outside, do it at nighttime. Your cauldron filled with water is a great scrying tool. Have a lit candle with you so you can see.

Another scrying technique is to use a stone of some sort. A crystal ball, a crystal stone, or any stone with a reflective surface can be used. Again, this should be done in the dark, but with a lit candle.

Scrying with a mirror is also effective. Again, you should be in the dark, but have a lit candle with you. You need to be able to see, but not for the entire area to be illuminated.
Another necessity (in my opinion) is to burn some protection incense. I prefer sandalwood. This can help protect you, should you contact any spirits that may attempt to communicate with you, or that are mischievous. If you are seeing things in the dark, or seeing images in the corners of your eyes, it's a good idea to turn on the lights and collect yourself before continuing. If you feel the need, ask your deity for protection or ask any mischievous spirits to leave your presence.

All these forms of scrying involve symbolizm. The stone, water, or mirror that you use symbolize the world of psychism, water itself is a psychically intuitive element. The object is to have contact with your psychic mind and tap into your psychic awareness. You will most likely not see images playing out before you as if you are watching a TV show. Instead, you will see symbolic images, or hear words or phrases that have meaning to your subconscious mind. Do your best to figure out what these images or sounds mean and figure out how they connect to the question you have in mind.

When scrying, don't stare directly at the surface of the water, or the mirror, or the stone. Instead, you should be staring PAST it. Have you ever stared at something, lost in thought, and noticed your eyes get "fuzzy?" This is similar to the staring technique you should use when scrying. Act as if you are staring through the water, mirror, or stone.

When you begin scrying, you should be in a peaceful environment and not be distracted. Light your candle and incense and sit so you are comfortable and relaxed. Think of a question that you would like to find the answer to. Focus on it and say it out loud. Now, begin to stare into the surface of the water, mirror, or stone. You might begin to meditate on your question, and then clear your mind completely. Leave your mind open to hearing or seeing symbols that may help you find the answer to your question. Be calm and relaxed, and focused.