Are Mind Control Ads Triggering Sleeper-Assassins?


Can a Child's Nursery Rhyme Act as a Trigger To Activate a Programmed "Sleeper" Assassin?

Sometime during the first week of December, a Rumor Mill News Agent called and told me that The Campaign for America's Children, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization had begun running an ad she thought I would be interested in.

The agent lives in the midwest, in the area where the four states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri come together.

Most people wouldn't have noticed anything unusual about the ad, but this agent has carefully studied everything Rumor Mill News has written about Mind Control and understood how different tones,words, and music can be combined to trigger a programmed "Manchurian Candidate" into action.

More specifically, the agent had read the article in which we talked about one specific song that was used to trigger "sleepers".

A "sleeper" is a person who has been programmed,using drugs, hypnosis and/or electronic methods, to carry out a specific mission.

After the "sleeper" is programmed, they are sent back, to live a "normal" life... until they are needed to carry out the mission for which they were programmed.

There are many different ways to "trigger" a sleeper. The
earliest methods were "trigger words". As electronics
advanced,"triggers" became tones, music, or a combination of
the two. The "triggers" were embedded in music and videos. The
"sleeper" was programmed to "activate" when the music or
video that contained the "triggers" were played.

One of the "embedded tone and command triggers", which
was originally created and used in programming "sleepers" ten
to twenty years ago, was the song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
The song, with its "embedded" triggering tones and/or voice
commands, would be used in television and radio ads. When a
specific "sleeper" or group of "sleepers" needed to be triggered,
the ads would be played over the radio or television, in the area
where the "sleeper" lived.

From Operation Open Eyes Part Two

Certain major corporations and Madison Avenue advertising
agencies have a long history of working with the government.
Nursery rhymes such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" can be
worked into the advertisements that are played on television
and radio. These ads can be targeted to population areas where
programmed "sleepers" or "sleeper" are living, thereby
activating only certain sleepers without having to have personal
contact in any manner.

The other viable alternative, for most of the case subjects
under our control, is to implement a "rider package" that will
compel him/her to fulfill the functions of our level four
programming, by placing an appropriate trigger in his mind. He
or she will continue to lead a perfectly normal life until made
active by a command from a command file. Any number of
unrelated triggers can be implanted hypnotically--just in case the
first one has been lost in the deep fog when you bring the
subject back to the Pre-Level One stage (state).

We always have a least 300-400, one way mission, Level
5's running about leading relatively functional lives in the
different cities where we have placed them

On December 9th, I received an email from the RMNews
Agent telling me that the Campaign for America's Children was
playing their ad continuously. In the background of the
soundtrack, the song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" played the
entire time.

I filed the information away and wondered if we would soon
see another round of "mass murders". A short time later, I saw
a post that had been put on the RMNews Agent's Forum the day

Friday, 8 December 2000, 12:27 p.m.

Associated Press reported Thursday 4 teens (2 males, 2
females, ages 17 to 20) found dead in the living room of a row
house, in Wichita, later reported they had been shot but no
suspects or motive identified thus far...

A week later, this story appeared on the RMNews Egroups

Dec 15, 2000 - 07:16 PM

Police Investigate Wichita's Second Multiple Shooting in Eight Days

By Roxana Hegeman

Associated Press Writer

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Four people, including a high school
teacher, were abducted, taken to a bank ATM and driven to a
field where they were shot to death in Wichita's second
quadruple homicide in eight days. A fifth victim was wounded.
Two suspects were in custody, Police Capt. Robert Lee said.

The day after Christmas, the following news story was
flashed around the world:


WAKEFIELD, Mass., Dec 26 - Seven people were killed
Tuesday when a co-worker at an Internet consulting firm opened
fire at the company's offices in suburban Boston. Officials said
Michael McDermott, 42, would be charged with seven counts of
murder in the shootings at Edgewater Technology.

"THE GUNMAN went postal," one witness told reporters.
Officials offered no motive for the shootings, though the
company had recently announced some 25 layoffs.

McDermott had an AK-47 rifle, a shotgun and a handgun
when police burst into the building. Police said McDermott was
sitting in the lobby and had to be subdued when he was taken
into custody.

Later reports stated that McDermott was an electronics
engineer in the Navy for 8 years. Those who knew him reported
him to be an edgy character dating back to his Navy days. It was
reported that he has had psychiatric treatment and medication.
It will probably be reported shortly that the medication he was
taking was either Paxil or Prozac.

Studies published in medical journals have shown that
anti-depressant medications can cause psychotic behaviors in 5
to 10 percent of subjects. Every one of the young men who
committed the school murders had been taking anti-psychotic
drugs. Some of the young men had spent time in psyciatric
hospitals. At least one of the young men was the child of a
military man.

Some of the common factors in mass murders have been:
military backgrounds or government employment, anti-psychotic
drugs, time spent in a mental institution or under the care of a

Michael McDermott had three of these commons factors.
He was ex Navy, he had been under the care of a psychiatrist
and he was on some kind of medication.

Much of the programming of "sleepers" takes place in
mental institutions, military hospitals or drug treatment centers.
The programming and the "triggers" are put in place at these


The group that has been running the ad which contains
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" is the Campaign For America's
Children. It's webpage describes it as "a non-partisan,
not-for-profit organization that seeks to educate the public on
issues related to improving children's education. The mission of
Campaign for America's Children is to inform the American
people of the state of education in our country. We will be asking
Americans whether they believe that parents should be in charge
of the education of their children, or whether the government
should control the education of their children."
Campaign For America's Children

Click here to view the ad

The Board of Advisors for Campaign for America includes:

Theodore J. Forstmann

Chairman and CEO

William J. Bennett

Former Reagan Secretary of Education


Erskine B. Bowles

Former White House Chief of Staff

Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

Former Carter Secretary of Education


Reverend Floyd H. Flake, D.Min.

Pastor, Allen AME Church

Lynn Forester

Co-CEO, FirstMark Communications LLC

Tom Freston

Chairman and CEO, MTV Networks

Dorothy I. Height

Chair and President Emeritus, National Council of Negro Women

Jack Kemp

Co-Director, Empower America

Martin Luther King III

President, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

The Honorable Henry A. Kissinger

Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Senator John McCain

United States Senator, Arizona

Clark McLeod

Chairman and CEO, McLeod USA

Michael S. Ovitz

The Honorable George P. Shultz

Robert Strauss

The Honorable Andrew Young

Chairman, GoodWorks International

In-House Scholar:

Joseph P. Viteritti, Ph.D.

Research Professor, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of
Public Service, New York University


Rumor Mill News has no idea if the ad this group is running
around the country is one of the "triggers" that was created to
activate "sleepers" and send them on their programmed
missions. However, it is quite a coincidence that so many ex
government people are associated with this organization.

It is also quite a coincidence that the "Twinkle, Twinkle
Little Star" ad was viewed in an area near the Oklahoma/Kansas
border, and the two sets of quadruple murders took place at the
same time the ad was running, in Wichita, which is in the same

It is also interesting that the Tech company that Michael
McDermott worked for, had just moved from Fayetteville,
Arkansas, which is very close to the area where the "Twinkle,
Twinkle" ad was running.


The following was found on the RMNews Daily Updates
page. Quentin Quisp has gathered many articles about
murderers that meet the profile of a programmed "sleeper". It is
an interesting compilation of information.


From: Quentin Quisp
Date: Thu Nov 30, 2000 10:18am
Subject: Mind Control Murders -- How It's Done : Murder As A Conditioned Response.....

Why are there so many incidents in this country where people are committing acts of violence such as murder and arson, and after being apprehended, they explain that "voices' ordered them to commit these crimes ?

If a person was targeted by someone (military/police/CIA) using mind control technology, and the target of the attack was unaware of the true nature of the assault; it would be possible to produce some very *interesting* results.

What would happen if an unsuspecting person was bombarded day and night by voices and unpleasant noises which only s/he could hear and from which there was no escape?

What if this targeted individual was deprived of sleep for days on end by these voices/sounds ?

What if this "target" was also subjected to high levels of pain (electromagnetically induced using top-secret high-tech weapons) day and night for weeks/months on end ?

What if, after months of torture, the "voices" start telling the "target" to KILL a particular person(s)?

What if the "voices" tell the target that if s/he does as s/he is told, the electronic torture/harassment would stop?

Is it possible to condition a person to respond to a certain STIMULUS (an electromagnetically induced "voice" which only the target can hear, and from which there is no escape) with a specific RESPONSE (e.g. murder, arson, rape, assault)?

Is it possible to cover-up the TRUE nature of these events by labeling the person who was *forced* to commit the crime as "mentally ill" (paranoid/schizophrenic/delusional)?