Men in Black

The Men in Black appearances and actions pull them from the realm of the normal and usher them into the world of the paranormal. Although Mib sightings seem to represent a serious threat to those who claim to see aliens and UFOs, the evidence appears to show that the secret agents do not show themselves often.

The first recorded sighting of a Man in Black was on March 30, 1905. During this period of time a large number of strange lights were seen in the sky over a Welsh town during a religious revival. On three separate nights, a man dressed in black appeared to an "exceptionally intelligent young woman of the peasant stock" and brought her a frightful message.

The Men in Black didn't reenter the twentieth century until 1953 when Albert Bender quickly closed down his UFO investigation organization and refused to expose his reasoning. The organization, the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB), was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut and included the magazine "Space Review." The only message Bender left was that he had found the answers to the UFO mysteries but couldn't speak of them because of "orders from a high source." Bender also left a warning for those who study ufology- be very careful.

Later, Bender admitted that three men dressed in black suits had not only shared the truth behind UFOs but also that he would be placed in jail if he continued his investigation. Gray Barker later wrote of Bender's story in a highly paranoid book entitled They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers. The book was published in 1956 and was followed by Bender's own account in Flying Saucers and the Three Men published in 1962. Bender's own book was driven by science fiction and included a trip to the Arctic.

Many theories behind the Men in Black have surfaced. Bender, leader of the IFSB, claimed they were from the United States government. Others believe the men are actually aliens who try to discredit and silence those who speak of them. Researchers who point to this hypothesis point out the seemingly artificial movement and stupidity towards common subjects and mannerisms.

When looking through records of sightings of the Men in Black, it appears they do not happen often. Cases are rare and most UFO sightings do not include the men. If the Men in Black do exist, their origins remain a mystery.