M.I.B. Encounters: True Stories

Abducted !

By: John Erickson

In the fall of 1988, Me and my friend David were traveling north on 82nd Ave. between Powell and Division streets in Portland, Oregon, when we witnessed what I believe to have been a M.I.B. abduction. As we neared a car repair shop, we noticed a man in his mid 20's, blonde hair, approximately. 6'5" tall, walking through the front parking lot of the shop. A few seconds later we observed three large, black, four-door sedans, sporting strange, white insignias on the sides. Appearing from three different direction's at once they converged on the tall blonde man simultaneously. When the cars came to a stop, two men from each car emerged at the same time. The men were short, with pale skin and dark hair, they each wore black suits. They surrounded the tall blonde man and two of the group then escorted the blonde man to the lead vehicle and got into the back seat with him. All of them then returned to their cars at that point and as if on cue, they all drove away at once heading south. Me and my friend stared in shocked disbelief at what we had just witnessed! We attempted to follow them but to no avail. Within seconds all three vehicles disappeared, leaving absolutely no trace behind! Me and David were shocked and horrified that anyone could be abducted so neatly and completely in broad view and on such a busy city street!

The Guest

By: Elizabeth Mack

In June, 1995 my friend Gloria and her husband Luke attended a birthday party for his friend Keith when they had a curious encounter with a M.I.B. The moment they arrived at the party, they noticed a strange man sitting on the sofa. He was tall, largely built, approximately. 250 lb. He had short very black hair, pale skin; his eyes in some lights were dark brown sometimes greenish. His face was also as heavily muscled as his body. His clothing was of a black, shimmering material. He appeared to be accompanied by an attractive, older woman of about 80 years of age. She had long white hair and was wearing new-age jewelry.

He arose from the couch only once during the course of the party to speak with someone briefly, but otherwise, he remained seated. He seemed friendly enough and spoke to many people; Gloria tells me he had a great presence and magnetism about his person. Many people at the party could not keep their eyes off of him the whole day. When Gloria met him she had the strangest feeling that he was studying her, that he was pretty much studying everyone there; at the way they were interacting with each other; as if he were the scientist, they the lab rats!! She also felt as if he were trying to read her thoughts and emotions. I asked her what impressions she received looking into his eyes; she replied that it was like looking into the eyes of death!

A curious feature about this strange man was that unless you faced him directly, you could not understand a word he was saying; if you were even at a slight angle to him, all you could make out would be unintelligible nonsense!!! Another strange thing was that even though Gloria was sure she was introduced to this man she cannot recall the name he gave her!!


By: Elizabeth Mack

On what appears now to have been the day after the party my friends attended, my son related to me a strange experience with a man that fit the description of the man that was at Keith party the day before.

That morning my son told me he was going out to the back yard to play. I remember having the door open, but not close, which I thought nothing of at the time, figuring he just forgot to close it. A few seconds later I heard the back gate rattle; I wasn't worried about it as the gate is padlocked. A couple of minutes later I hear the back door close, and my son enters the room with a strange expression on his face. He announces that he is staying in for the day; this was very unusual for my son, but as he seemed disinclined to talk I didn't press the matter. Later on that afternoon I asked my son why he decided to stay in for the day; he related to me a strange encounter with the M.I.B. He describes to me a man that was tall, large, with muscles on his face, wearing shiny black clothes; appearing halfway across our neighbors to the west of our house; OUT OF THIN AIR my son relates!! He walked up to our gate and shook it a few times, my son says, but he couldn't seem to gain entrance. After staring at my son until he became very uneasy, the man turned and started walking away the same direction he had come from; near the place he first appeared; my son says he once again disappeared!! Can't blame the boy for wanting to stay inside after all!!!


By: anonymous

In early summer of 1995 I myself had a couple brushes with the M.I.B. I was looking out my closed front door one afternoon when I observed a man with short very black hair, pale skin wearing black shiny clothing and a long black coat walking by in front of my house. As he neared my neighbor's driveway I remarked in a low voice "Damn M.I.B." Now, no normal human being could possibly have heard me, yet this man apparently did, for he turned around to look in my direction after I had said those words!! I dodged behind my curtains in shock, not wanting him to be able to identify me!!

A week or so later I was sitting in my front porch, when a strange looking, long sleek black four-door, shiny brand new looking car came slowly driving eastward towards my house. I could not see inside the car as all the windows had been tinted a dark black, including the windshield, which is illegal in the state of Oregon! As I stared at the vehicle, it slowed down as it was passing my home. I then pretended to show no interest in the vehicle at that point, but as it passed by, I turned to get a look at the license plate. I was quite surprised to note that it looked to be very old, dirty and battered, as if it had been on a junkyard car!! It looked as though it had last been used in the 20's or 30's! Very old for such a new-looking car as this, I thought!

Fly By

By: anonymous

On Friday February 14th 1997 at about 9:20 PM I and a couple of the neighbor boys were observing the military's new triangular jet (Aurora) flying overhead towards my house from the southwest going north. The plane banked to the right and headed southeast to the military base out that way. We were discussing the new jet when we looked up to see a strange looking vehicle turn down my street heading east, It was two-toned dark maroon on top with a dark grey on the bottom. The car was a five-door sedan, mini-van style, very shiny and new looking. It's windows, including the windshield, were tinted a very dark black. It slowed down as it passed my house and came to a complete stop two doors down. At that time the kids and I were discussing the fact that they were probably a car full of M.I.B. I thought it best to usher the children inside when they stopped and would not let the kids outside again until I felt it safe for them to do so. I gave them a few quick lessons on how to deal with them (the M.I.B.), should they encounter them on their way home or later at their home. I wasn't about to let them leave unequipped on how to deal with the M.I.B.