Team to do DNA test on Bigfoot’s footprint



JOHOR BARU: After all the publicity surrounding the elusive Bigfoot, a DNA test will be carried out on the cast of a giant footprint found in the forest here to determine its existence once and for all.

Local paranormal investigator Syed Abdullah Al-Attas the host of Seekers, said he hoped the print of a left foot would provide some clues about Bigfoot.

Seekers is a local programme on paranormal activities, aired over ntv7.

EXCITING FIND: Syed Abdullah (left) and Dr Fong with the cast of a footprint which is believed to belong to Bigfoot.
“We did not find any droppings or fur. The DNA test for the footprint is our best shot at ascertaining its origins,” he said in a telephone interview.

Syed Abdullah said the footprint, measuring 45.5cm by 36cm, was among several spotted by a team of paranormal investigators on Feb 21.

The team comprised four investigators from Seekers, four from the US-based Destination Truth and three from Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI).

SPI founder Dr Kenny Fong said they did not spot Bigfoot but stumbled on the prints during intermittent rain, just as the forest in Kg Lukut, Kota Tinggi was getting dark.

“We were shocked when we saw the prints. I thought to myself, 'this thing is real'. I was pretty sure the prints did not belong to any other animal,” he said, adding that all the team members were literally jumping for joy.

According to him, there were about a dozen prints in the area, with the most distinct one having a print before and after it, spaced about 1.5m apart.

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“I would say the prints were fresh and less than an hour old then. The rain had made the particular portion of the ground soft and the shape was excellent,” he said.

SEEKING CLUES: The plaster mould of a footprint that is believed to belong Bigfoot. The footprint was found by a team of investigators from ‘Seekers’ and SPI.
He explained that in order to make the cast, hair spray was sprayed on evenly all over the footprint. Plaster powder was then mixed with purified water until it turned into a creamy substance and poured carefully into the cavity of the footprint.

It took an hour for the substance to harden before the team could dig the cast out.

“We had to be very gentle as we didn’t want to break or destroy the purity of the print,” he said adding that the hair spray helped the soil to stick to the cast.

“The bottom of the cast still has the original soil that came into direct contact with the foot.”