Huge Green Fireball with Rumble Witnessed over California


December 4, 2005

11:25 PM Shape: Meteor/Fireball Duration: 3 Seconds

Location: Camarillo, California USA

Color: Brilliant Green. Sound: The sound was like a deep roar, unlike anything such as a train or truck... a deep rumble that caused me to look up.

Sighting Detail:

The fireball / meteor was enormous -- (2 or 3 large aircraft in flame) and the color was brilliant green as it traveled from west to south.

I did not see the impact which was obscured from view by a low lying building. At 15 - 20 degree elevation it exploded into an enormous fireball (but remained a round ball of green light) and was traveling fast enough to hit ground as this same fireball.

I immediately cleared my view to see the point of impact which should have been within sight across open fields for 7 - 10 miles. I also drove immediately into the fields where it would have been grounded and in flames but there was nothing. It likely was over the ocean as there were no reports of fire along the coastal communities of Oxnard, Port Hueneme or Ventura according to the sheriff. Vandenberg AFB and the Ventura County Sheriff's office received several calls regarding the sighting.

The speed was a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the fastest.