American nazi Party

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Formerly known as the European American Education Association, the group is led by Rocky Suhayda and based in Eastpointe, Michigan. The ANP claims to be dedicated to the preservation of the White Race, the Aryan Republic, and Western-European cultural heritage.

The American Nazi Party was founded by George Lincoln Rockwell in February 1959, at Rockwell's residence in Arlington, V A. This meeting was attended by six people and was originally called The World Union Free Enterprise National Socialists, and later The American Nazi Party, and The George Lincoln Rockwell Party. Rockwell's ultimate objective was the Presidency of the United States. He predicted the governorship of V A by 1966 and the Presidency by 1972. Once he attained the Presidency, he planned to exterminate all "treasonous Jews" through methods used by Hitler's Nazis, banish all African Americans to Africa and mend the United States Constitution to conform to Nazi whims. On August 25,1967, George Lincoln Rockwell was murdered in front of 6021 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA, the bullet entering his heart. He was murdered by an ex-assistant in the American Nazi Party who was sentenced to a 20 year prison term for the slaying.

The American Nazi Party is a legally based political and educational organization that claims to be in place to save the white race, the Aryan Republic, and our Western-European cultural heritage. Their motto is the Fourteen Words.

"As the world enemy wages war against the White Race and Western Civilization in every corner of the world, we have found that the ONLY WAY to shock our people awake is through BOLD ACTION. Too many others would rather try to TALK the problem away, while we realize that the time has come to FIGHT!

Only the SWASTIKA, the AGE OLD SYMBOL OF THE WHITE MAN, has the SHOCK-POWER to shatter the jewish press BLACK-OUT and force White America to THINK ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON."