Arab press: Violence to continue


By's Mahmoud Gharib

Friday, June 9, 2006 Posted: 1647 GMT (0047 HKT)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -- The Arab world expects the violence in Iraq to continue even after killing Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, according to most Arab newspapers.

The papers said al Qaeda in Iraq will carry on its terrorist activities after appointing a new leader to replace al-Zarqawi, who died Thursday in a U.S. airstrike supported by Iraqi forces.

Al-Zarqawi's death was the main headline on most Arab papers on Friday.

In the United Arab Emirates, the press praised the killing but called for a cautious response.

"Al-Zarqawi'a death caused wide reactions but was mostly welcome around the world," said the Al-Itihad daily newspaper.

Al-Itihad said the operation will build hope for a safer and more peaceful Iraq.

The Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai reported the Jordanian intelligence's role in providing the U.S. forces with information on the location of al-Zarqawi.

Under the headline "Mercy to the Hotels Victims," Al-Rai's opinion column said the "terrorist al-Zarqawi drank from the same cup of death, for his crimes were the reason behind killing more than 60 Jordanians and other foreign civilians in the attacks which targeted three hotels in Amman last November."

The paper said King Abdullah had urged the Jordanian intelligence manager Mohammed al-Thahabi "not to wait for the black terrorism ... coming to Jordan again, but should cut all of the terrorists' arms everywhere."

"Al-Zarqawi death looks similar to the capture the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein," said Al-Ahram, the leading Egyptian daily newspaper.

"Al-Zarqawi death will not put an end to the circle of violence in Iraq," Al-Ahram said.

The Al-Watan daily in Saudi Arabia ran a story under its main headline "F-16 ended the myth of al-Zarqawi with 500 kilograms of explosives."