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A field guide to the philosophy of the mind ( - Essays and papers on philosophy of the mind.

A Miniature Library of Philosophy (

An Introduction to Awareness (

African Philosophy Resources (

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts (

Analytical philosophy of religion (

Arsfilosofo ( - Artículos y cursos relacionados con temas de Filosofía, política, arte.

Can You Prove God's Existence (

Chinese Text Project ( - A web-based e-text system which presents texts of Chinese Philosophy - including the full text of the Analects, Zhuangzi, Mozi, and Hanfeizi - in a structured, cross-referenced, and searchable form.

Chinese philosophy page ( Some resources and links.

Classics in the History of Psychology ( - Ebooks of several classics of psychology.

Collections and Index-Pages ( Philosophy resources from the University of Liverpool.

David Chalmers site ( - Essays on philosophy of the mind and links.

DeepQuest: the ultimate consciousness quest ( - Alternative search engine for sites related to science and the spiritual.

EpistemeLinks ( - Collection of philosophy resources. - Philosophy ( - Philosophy E-texts

Evolutionary methaphysics ( - "the goal is to study the relationship between the biological evolution of humankind, the historic struggle for wealth and political power"

Foro Esencia ( - Portal de filosofía y ciencia. Armonización entre filosofía, ciencia y religión.

Great Books and Classics ( - Classics books in HTML and text format.

God and Religion - A New Look ( - "New thoughts on the God and religion - an attempt to explain God and religion to the common man as has never been done before."

God, Democracy and Evolution ( - An online book that explains the theory of evolution, offers skeptical histories of the various religions, and speculates about politics, technology, and morality. Attempts to show that people do not need to have faith in myths in order to believe that our lives might have some kind of cosmic purpose.

God4science ( - This site discusses issues of God, science, faith and reason.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet ( - A large collection of links to philosophy sites.

History of Western Philosophy ( - Ebook

The Holographic Journey ( - A phiosophy of life personal page.

Immanuel Kant links ( ( - The site is a collection of Philosophical, Spiritual, Motivational & Inspirational concepts put up in a form of Stories, Essays, Articles, Poems, Quote

International Network for Life Studies ( - "Life studies: Interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary issues of life, death, and nature. It includes philosophy of life, sociology of life & death, bioethics, environmental ethics, and the critique of contemporary civilization at its core."

Internet encyclopedia of philosophy ( - large collection of definitions and biographies.

Kant on the Web (

Kant till Kuhn ( - overview of Henk Tuten articles since October 2001 Subject differing from Kant, Enlightenment to Kuhn paradigms

Liquid Time ( - "This essay challenges the conventional view that the division between spiritual and physical realities is a spatial relation of "inner" versus "outer". The aim is to let the division show itself, by focusing on the interplay between one's perspective and one's immediate surroundings."

Marks Mind ( - Marks Mind is a site where life and truth are explored. You will find quotes and ideas with a Zen twist. Stories, Quotes, Poetry, and inspiration.

Metahistorie ( - A new approach to History.

Metaphysics (

Metanexus (

[] ( Neuroscience, states of consciousness, and the mind-body problem.

Online papers on consciousness ( ( - Several essays and papers on philosophy and science.

Perseus digital library ( - Collection of classics Ebooks, including philosophy.

The perspectives of Nietzsche (

Philosophers, alphabetical index ( - Collection of biographies.

Philosophical-Apologetic ( - Theistic essay dealing with the cosmos, metaphysics and God´s existence.

Philososphical essays (

Philosophy at Penn Links (

Philosophy in Cyberspace (

Philosophy Now ( - The web version of the news-stand magazine of ideas. The site contains a large archive of free articles as well as events calendars, news, forum and columns.

Philosophy of consciousness (

The Philosophy of Science - Origins Revisited ( Online article examines the jurisdiction and limitations of science methodology, arguing that there is no rational support for any origins idea to be classified as a science theory.

Philosophy Pages ( - Some philosophy resources.

Pirate Nietzsche Page (

The quantum Nietzsche ( - Philosophy essays. ( - Philosophy resources.

Social science information gateway - Philosophy ( - philosophy of religion, philosophy of the mind and philosophy of the law resources.

Social Studies ( - Some history, philosophy and psychology resources.

Steve Palmquist's web site ( - some philosophy essays.

Theistic philosophy of religion (

University of Pennsylvania Philosophy Department Web Links ( - Philosophy resources.

Philosophy of Religion

Embracing The Contradiction ( - An in-depth study of biblical duality and its relationship to theoretical quantum physics, universal laws and the pattern that synthesizes them (without contradiction).

Idealist philosophy ( - Describes an idealist philosophy asserting that only conscious experience is real. Sections on collective conscious experience; egoless experience; spirituality, shamanism and religion

Philosophy of Religion ( - An overview of the philosophy of religion, including common arguments for and against theism and a discussion of divine command theory.

Philosophy of Religion (

Philosophy of Religion ( - Collection of philosophy papers.

Philosophy of Religion resources (

Philosophy and the proof of God's existence by Roger Jones (

Philosophy and Western Mysticism Resources (

Proofs For And Against The Existence of God (

Sophia ( - Epistemological studies and comparative spirituality.