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The Ancient Wisdom home page ( - Text of many religions and esoteric paths.

Archives Of Time ( - Many occult texts and grimoires, kabbalah, and some religion texts.

The Australian National University ( - Some eastern religions texts.

BELIEVE Religious Information Source ( - collection of over 2,000 articles by respected scholars on around 900 religious subjects

Bible And History Apocrypha and Apocalyptic ( - Christian site with many links and theology texts.

Bible Origins ( - Some text and research on the Bible origins.

Catholic encyclopedia - Apocrypha ( - Description and history of several christian apocryphal writings.

Christian Classic Ethereal Library ( - A large collection of church fathers writings and theological texts. - Church fathers ( - Several text from christian church fathers and biographies.

Early Christian Writings ( - Large collection of christian texts, apocryphal and theological.

English Online Resources ( - Literature and some religious texts. ( - Some apocryphal texts.

The Gnosis Archive ( - Gnostic files.

The Gnostic Society Library - Dead Sea Scrolls ( - Dead Sea Scrolls

The Gnostic Society Library - Nag Hammadi Files ( - Nag Hammadi files

Guide to Early Church Documents ( Some early church documents and apocryphal texts. Writings of the apostolic fathers, patristic texts and creeds and canons ( - Electronic text of many religions. - Sacred Texts ( Some religion texts from different religions.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive ( - A large collection of religious texts from different world religions.

IntraText ( - a multilingual collection of christian texts. ( some religious texts from different religions of the world.

Libindex ( - A collection of kabbalah and ancient texts.

The Nag Hammadi Library Codex Index ( - A complete collection of writings from the Nag Hammadi Library.

Philological Resources ( - Collection of ancient texts in their original form from the University of Washington.

Philologos Religious Online Books ( - Christian e-books. - Resources ( - Many links to sites containing religious texts.

Project Gutember ( - A large collection of literature including religious and philosophical texts.

Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings ( - A large collection of apocryphal and sacred christian texts.

Refrigerium ( - Gospel of Thomas, gnosticism, and other non-orthodox christianity religious texts.

Religious books for God seekers ( - Free on-line spiritual books and materials illuminating way of self-perfection, spiritual growth, evolution and cognition of God.

Religious Texts and Resources (

Theology WebSite's Electronic Text Index ( Some philosophy and religious texts.

University of Pennsylvania-On-Line Primary Literature ( - Ancient near eastern literature, literature related to the jewish scriptures, early christianity, early gnostic literature and church documents.

The Whole Bible ( - Analysis of the Canonical and Apocryphal New Testament Scriptures

Wisdom of China and India ( - A collection of China and India religious and philosophy texts.

World Scriptures ( - A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts.