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ABE ( - Baptist site

Alam Humm page ( - world religions, ancient jewish and christian texts.

ANGELUS Christian Service ( - Big collection of religious and secular links.Information and news, education, faith issues.

Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament ( ( - Sectas, denominaciones y ateísmo.

Beginning Catholic ( - "A beginner's guide to a life of faith in the Roman Catholic Church. Focus on what's important in the Catholic faith, strengthen your conversion to Christ, and learn what next steps to take. A wealth of solid and reliable information."

The Bible Gateway ( - Bible Search in several versions, including: New Internation version, New American Standard, New Living Translaion, King James, New King James, Amplified and Revised Standard.

Bible Keeper - Online Bible Study ( - " is a free online database of Bible's in several languages and also Bible study tools. "

Bible Origins ( - some articles related to the origin of the Bible.

Bible Studies ( - by Aggelia Internet Publishing

Biblia Vivida ( - Comentario sobre los libros de la Biblia.

Biblical Studies Foundation ( - The Bible, resources, links and studies.

Bible And History Apocrypha and Apocalyptic ( Bible study, article, apocrypha.

Brush Up on Butler ( - Provides factual information on the life, work and influence of the great 18th-century Anglican apologist, Bishop Butler.
Casa de Oración ( - Evangelizando por medio de tratados. ( - Catholic site.

Christian apologetics and research ministry ( - information on doctrine, various religious groups (Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), cults, Evolution, New Age, and related subjects. ( - Noticias, foro, directorio y chat.

Cristianismo primitivo ( - Historia del cristianismo, siglos I al IV.

Church of God, Reformation Movement ( - Online articles, books, essays... history, doctrines, news

The Church Of Interfaith Christians ( - The newest denomination in Christianity, fully recognized by the University of California for inclusion in their 8th editions of their Encyclopeidias of American Religions and World Religions.

Community of Christ ( - Mormon site. Ministries, servicies, news and resources.

Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research (

The Development of the Canon of the New Testament ( - Article.

Directorio de la Iglesia Católica ( - Colección de vínculos.

Endtime Information Web ( Bible endtime Prophecies and its fulfillment

Enlightened Christianity (

Escrituras ( - Una gran cantidad de textos sagrados y apócrifos.
Gnostic Judas ( - Resources on gnostic texts and history ( - Christian portal.

Guide to Early Church Documents ( - Canonical texts, patristic texts, creeds and canons. ( - Sitio oficial.

Holy Land biblical sites review (

Holy Orthodoxy - A Brief Introduction ( - Provides a brief introduction of the History and Beliefs of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Holy Sword of Joshua ( - help for new ministers.

The Institute of Religion and Democracy ( - "promoting democracy and religious freedom at home and abroad."

International Christian Concern ( - site dedicated to raising awareness on the human rights issue of religious freedom and the persecution of people of faith around the world

Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity (

Introducción a la Biblia ( - Artículo.

Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures (

The Jesus Archive ( - Historical Jesus site. Resources, articles, scholar studies and database.

The Jesus Mysteries ( - Articles and forum on the book.

Jesus Seminar Forum ( - History of Christianity by Westar Institute

John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion ( - Protestant christian texts.

LaBiblia OnLine ( - Los libros de la Biblia en español

Lambert Dolphin's Library ( - biblical essays, eschatology and science and the bible.

Legión de María, Hermosillo ( - Sitio oficial de la Legión de María de Sonora.

The Library of Lutheran Center ( - Some christian links.

Logos Resources Pages - The Occult ( - The occult according to christians. ( - Site on the Medugorje virgin.

Mother Theresea of Calculta ( - Mother Teresa Site. Biography, messages and teachings.

The Nag Hammadi Library Codex Index ( - Links to Nag Hammadi books.

Mysteries of the Bible ( - Bible Mysteries. Torah Codes, Ancient Chronology, Lost Tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Origins Of Christianity, Egyptology and Biblical Archaeology

New Advent ( - Catholic portal.

The New Testament Gateway ( - Christian resources. - Fathers of the Church ( - Christian church fathers and their writings. Includes Athanasius, Augustine of Hippo, Clement of Alexandria, Cyprian of Carthage, Gregory of Nyssa and Ignatius of Antioch

Online catholics ( - journal of Catholic renewal

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Web Page (

Peninsula Bible Church ( - Some christian resources.

Pentecostal World fellowship ( - Pentecostal site

Presbyterian church in America ( - Presbyterian site

The Preterist Archive ( Christian resources.

Protestante digital ( - Portal con noticias y artículos sobre el mundo cristiano.

Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings ( - Pseudepigrapha, apocryphal and historical books.

Refrigerium website ( - Gospel of Thomas, Gnosticism, and Other Non-Orthodox Christianity

Salomondecristo ( - "Promoción de valores y principios cristianos, con una visión cultural amplia que nos permita enfrentarnos al complejo mundo en que vivimos. Literatura, música y otros. Directorio de sitios culturales."

The Scriptures Internet Edition ( - Mormon texts

The School of Divinity - Links section ( - Some christian links.

Scriptorium ( Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient texts.

Scripture Catholic ( - Site on catholicism theology.

Searcher Foundation ( - This site is dedicated to spiritual enlightenment and education, from all religions.

Seventh-day Adventist Church ( - Official site.

Shephards Den ( - Non-denominational site, sermons, poetry and humor.

Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas ( - Diferentes versiones de la Biblia en español.

Speaking in Tongues ( - Glossolalia site ( - Biblical studies

Theological Resources on the Web ( Collection of theological links.

To His Glory Christian Ministries ( - A nondenominational, Bible centered ministry using any and all means to spread the Gospel, to His glory. Bible lessons, sermons, and news of interest to Christians posted regularly.

Vatican II - Voice of the Church ( - This site promotes the teachings of Vatican II, through study the works of some of the most important Council Fathers – including the preeminent English-speaking Father, Bishop Christopher Butler.

Unored ( - Artículos, noticias, foros y recursos sobre el cristianismo

United Pentecostal Church International ( - Pentecostal site

Watchtower ( - Jehova's witnesses site

Watchtower Information Service ( - Your starting page for information on the Watchtower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses: News (updated daily), Articles about this Religious Group & Links to other (ex-) JW-sites.

What is the meaning and purpose of baptism? ( - An online New Testament study of the meaning and purpose of baptism and its relationship to salvation through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Web. religion e historia ( - Historia del cristianismo.

Welcome to Assemblies of God ( - Pentecostal site

Wesley Center Online - Noncanonical homepage ( - Old Testament Apocrypha, Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, New Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, Pseudonymous Writings, Nag Hammadi Codices

World Wide Study Bible ( - Study Bible.

Writings of the Early Church Fathers ( - Ante-nicene, Nicene and Post-nicene fathers. Biographies and texts.

Skeptical, Critic

A critical look at the Bible and other sacred texts ( - criticism of christianity criticism articles and essays.

Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus ( - Some critics to christianity and historical views.

Evil Bible ( - Criticism to christianity and the Bible

Freethinkers ( - Criticism of christianity and the Bible.

The Jesus Puzzle ( - Historicity of Jesus and its problems.

Truth about Jesus ( - The discovery that a "The" Messiah was never prophesied in the Old Testament -- and a subsequent attempt to answer the question: "Then who was Jesus really?"

Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible ( - Criticism and skeptical views of christianity.

The Turning magazine ( The Turning Magazine is a free online magazine for skeptical, thinking Christians. We ask hard questions of Christianity and the Bible. Articles seek ways for the faith to be a way of compassion rather than a tool for judging others.