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Aloha International ( - Site dealing with the Huna spirituality. Texts, articles and resources.

Astroshamanism ( - A spiritual system of healing based on shamanism, sacred astrology and the contemporary revival of ancient mystery traditions.

Aziz Shamanism (

The Bonethrower ( African psychic witchdoctor site.

The Bon Religion ( - Site on the the indigenous faith of the Tibetan people.

Carlos Castañeda and New age Shamanism (

Carlos Castañeda's Magickal passes (

Castanedianism ( - Shamanism (Carlos Castañeda) site.

Eagles's wings ( - - Contemporary shamanism site

FoxFire Institute ( - School of Experiential Shamanism and for Shamanic Practitioners

Huna, ancien wisdom, healing and wholeness of hawwai (

Native American spirituality (

Prophecykeepers radio ( - Native Prophecy website.

Quantum Shaman ( - Articles, essays, discussion and links to shamanism.

School for transformative shamanism ( - Site on shamanism, somer articles.

The Shaman's Medicine Hut ( - A place to explore and experience the world's healing arts and shamanic traditions.

ShamansCave ( Chat, mailing list and articles on shamanism.

Shamanic Circles (

Shamanic Healing with Eva Rosenn, Ph.D. ( - Shamanism site

Shamanism ( - Shamanic site. ( - Shamanic site.

Shamanism, working with animal spirits ( - Shamanism site

Soul Retrieval - Shamanic Healing ( - Shamanic & spiritual healing services, soul retrieval, totem animal retrieval & medicine, spirit extraction or exorcism, aura repair & cleansing, chakra clearing & balancing, past life regression, medium, channel, seer

Sustained Action ( - "A website devoted to exploring and evaluating the legacy of Carlos Castaneda, and to investigating other possibilities for increased awareness and expanded perception."

Toltec Foundation ( - Resources and articles on shamanism.

The Toltec Nagual ( - Shamanism site on Carlos Castañeda.

Toteg Tribe ( - "association of people who have chosen to affiliate under the spiritual banner of Toteg Tribe, a modern spiritual and religious movement based upon the shamanic visionary experiences of our members."

The Woodfish Institute ( - Shamanism studies and essays.