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A Ghost and Paranormal 24 Hour Chat Room ( - The Ghosts, Hauntings, Spirits and the Paranormal chat room was created for people to share their true life experiences in a safe environment that is welcome to l.

All About Ghosts ( - Paranormal portal.

The Haunted Diary ( - The Haunted Diary is an internet diary log that is an account of ghosts and spirits located in two different houses in Pennyslvania, USA. Proof is provided by images, documentations, a chat room, ghost cams, stories and feedback from a paranormal message board in which readers are invited to participate in discussions.
Ghosts, Hauntings, Spirits and the Paranormal Online Community ( -An online community where people discuss the experiences they've had with ghosts or spirits, along wi anything paranormal.

Ghosts UK ( - Excellent free UK based site, which offers information, forums, pictures and more relating to Ghosts and the Paranormal. ( - ghost research, evidence, and discussion from around the world.

History & Hauntings Co. ( - Home of the American Ghost society. Books, articles, essays and resources.

Moonlight ghosthunters ( - Paranomrla news and research.

The nature of Ghosts ( - Article.

Road Ghosts ( - The most comprehensive study of phantom hitchhikers, spectral jaywalkers and roadside apparitions, and KENT BIG CAT RESEARCH, a local investigation into big cat sightings.

Shadowlands ( - dedicated to informing and enlightening visitors on such topics as Ghosts and hauntings

SpiritHunters Paranormal Investigations U.K. ( - "Spirit Hunters are an independent research team dedicated to scientifically investigating and documenting paranormal phenomenon such as hauntings, poltergeists, apparitions, ghost lights and other claims of the paranormal."