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19th Century Logic between Philosophy and Mathematics ( Article.

Advances in theoretical and mathematical physics ( - Mathematics articles.

Foundations Study Guide: Philosophy of Mathematics ( - Article.

Introduction to Differential Geometry and General Relativity ( - Article.

Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics ( - Electronic book.

The fifth arithmetical operation. The rational mean ( - New roots solving algotrihms and Generalized Continued Fractions.

John Forbes Nash ( - Biography.

Lakatos' Philosophy of Mathematics, A Historical Approach ( - Article.

Mathematical Problems By Professor David Hilbert ( - Historic article.

Mathematics as Gameskeeping ( Article on philosophy of mathematics.

My Philosophy of Mathematics ( - Personal essay.

On Gödel's Philosophy of Mathematics ( - Article.

On the Nature of Mathematical Truth ( - Electronic book.

Research: Philosophy of Mathematics ( - A paper on philosophy of mathematics.

Reviewing standard interpretations of Cantor's, Turing's and Gödel's reasoning ( - "This site contains links to papers that investigate, and reflect a developing view of, a significant limitation of standard interpretations of the formal reasoning and conclusions of classical first order theory.

Structuralism, Category Theory and Philosophy of Mathematics ( - Article.

Universal Harmonics & Universal Harmonics Analysis ( - Article on the connection between harmonics and consciousness.

Wittgenstein, Education and the Philosophy of Mathematics ( - Article.