Researcher Says Balkan Hill Is Pyramid


Visocica Hill Is 2,300 Feet High

POSTED: 11:48 am PDT October 26, 2005
UPDATED: 11:57 am PDT October 26, 2005

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina -- A Sarajevo-born researcher said he has discovered an ancient pyramid in the hills of central Bosnia.

Semir Osmanagic said Visocica Hill, about 18 miles from Sarajevo, is actually a pyramid built by people who were the first inhabitants of the Balkans.

The researcher said the hill, which is about 2,300 feet high, is man-made.

The hill includes sandstone slabs 17 feet below the surface. Sandstone, he said, is not a naturally occurring rock in the area.

Osmanagic said he will use aerial and satellite imagery and underground radar studies of the area to prove his theory.